3 Sweet Valentine Treats

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Valentine’s Day is a week away. We don’t do big romantic dinners with music and flowers, but we do try for some fun food and some sweet treats. Here are three new recipes that I shared over on Life as MOM this week.

3 Sweet Valentine TreatsFruit and Nut Energy Bites

3 Sweet Valentine Treats

Personal Cherry Crumbles

3 Sweet Valentine Treats

Chocolate Mint Bars


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  1. Stephanie M. says:

    All of the recipes look wonderful especially the cherry crumbles. Our kids are grown now; our youngest daughter who is 23 has a wonderful and very romantic boyfriend who comes from our town but lives and works in Manhattan. They get together every weekend either here or our daughter takes a bus to New York. They always go out to beautiful restaurants and have done some traveling as well to the Caribbean and to California so Valentine’s Day for them this year, I’m sure will be just another romantic evening spent in a nice restaurant. Our oldest daughter who is almost 27 is engaged to a marine who just finished his tour of duty. Together they have a one year old son and they plan to go out to a nice restaurant on Valentine’s Day. So, really I just devote Valentine’s Day to my husband. Tomorrow night, as mentioned, we are having a Valentine’s Day dinner party for 10 so I will be cooking some of my things today. But on Valentine’s Day itself, we have decided to just stay home and have a quiet meal by ourselves. Last year, I sent my husband’s lunchbox in with him filled with heart shaped pancakes and a variety of heart shaped sandwiches. He is the kind of person that loves that kind of thing but, of course, his co-workers had a chuckle when they saw the sandwiches. At night, we went to our favorite restaurant. The year before, I set up a scavenger hunt around the house. I bought 5 small Valentine’s teddy bears and placed them all over the house with little clues attached to them telling him where to go. Each place he went, there was a small gift; a mug with our picture on it, some heart shaped cookies, and the last gift was a watch. It was a fun night. Another Valentine’s day, I bought a glass jar and some pink construction paper. I cut out 100 pieces and wrote why I love him on each one and every day, he reached into the jar and picked one to read. I am always certain to get flowers and either he cooks me a nice dinner or we go out. We are not teenagers anymore even though we’ve been together since we’re 16 and now we’re both 53 but it’s still fun after all of these years to enjoy that one very special day devoted to the one I love.

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