Grocery Geek: Shopped Already

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Grocery Geek: Shopped AlreadyYep, even though we’re only 4 days into the month, I’ve already done my grocery shopping. For my brain, weeks go from Sunday to Saturday. So, even though it’s not been a full week of the Pantry Challenge, here’s the update anyway.

Sprouts 1

On New Year’s Eve (Tuesday) I ran to Sprouts for meat because the meat we needed for FishBoy9’s mini burgers hadn’t thawed. Each of the kids made a different finger food for our New Year’s Eve. I wasn’t about to disappoint him. No picture, but I spent $10 on ground beef, limes, and lo mein noodles.

Total spent: $10

Grocery Geek: Shopped Already

Sprouts 2

The next day (yes, really) I went back to Sprouts, after having done the inventories, etc, and got us a load of fresh produce. I have the Dirty Dozen app on my phone so I basically bought organic of those items and went conventional with the others.

  • baby carrots $0.98 (since I read this post, I’ve loosened up on my stance on baby carrots. My family eats more this way.)
  • broccoli crowns  $0.98/lb
  • green onions 3/$1
  • organic mushrooms $3
  • organic lettuce $1.50
  • bananas $0.69

Total spent $21

Grocery Geek: Shopped Already


At Walmart I filled in the gaps of things I knew we would need during the challenge.

  • organic spinach $4.98
  • rbst-free cheddar $9.98/2 pounds
  • unbleached, nonbromated flour $5.98
  • brown rice $1.56/2 pounds
  • coffee $6.98
  • tomato sauce $0.44
  • rbst-free milk $3.20

Total spent $44

Grocery Geek: Shopped Already



I buy some key groceries on Amazon via their subscribe and save program. I get a monthly delivery of things like toilet paper and popcorn. Exciting, I know. This month, the only food item was popcorn. This carton/case of popcorn contains four largish bags of GMO-free popcorn. It’s one of our go-to snacks.

Total spent: $12

Grand total: $87

So far I’ve spent $87 of the allotted $200 for the challenge. Since I have a produce box coming next week to the tune of $43, I’ll have about $70 to spend on other items between now and the 15th. I think we should be fine, but I’ll need to be careful.

That’s the report for the week!

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  1. Heather M says:

    Just like you, i shopped already, too! But we were out of town and I had no choice. Plus some really good sales on well-used items at the store and super double coupons for a few things this week. So, $112 later, food. Will still need lots of fresh produce and a trip to Costco for household items (not food budget) and some food (shrimp, anyone? plus produce, tortillas, etc.). I think I’ll be able to keep to the $500 or so I hope to spend this month. Only time will tell.

    • I’m avoiding Costco during the challenge. I know that will be my downfall. Might have to avoid Trader Joe’s, too. I need to build in the self-control. Ha!

      • Heather M says:

        I know the feeling! But I think I’ll be hitting both. With very very very specific lists! Trader Joe’s is a standby for produce, etc. So I really have no choice! I’ll just have to stick to my lists carefully! I don’t think I could function without either store! If I had a Sprouts, i might….

  2. I shopped before the challenge to get some good sales on meat. But I know it won’t be long before I need milk…

  3. Vanessa B says:

    I ran to Wally-World this morning for fresh produce, milk, and eggs, and price matched chicken, pork chops, bacon and smoked sausage. I spent $33. I could have completed the challenge without buying the meat but this will allow us to eat some family favorites that haven’t been in the rotation for awhile and prepare some pre-cooked meats to encourage throwing together a quick meal on a crazy day instead of ordering delivery.

  4. I spent $83.64 at Kroger last night. We could have gone longer but we have a super cold spell headed our way (the high is 2 on Monday!) and there’s no way I want to head out in that. I stocked up on some necessities (eggs, milk, yogurt, produce) and grabbed a few things I need for recipes that will mostly come from the pantry/freezer. Today I went into Whole Foods and got a bag of bean sprouts (Kroger does to carry them anymore). That was $2. Normally I would’ve browsed through the whole store, but I went straight to those then the register, lest anything else tempt me.

    Today I intend to make a loaf of sandwich bread in the bread machine. And when the cold spell is past, I am going to get to Aldi to stock up on some of the items there. I need to go to Costco, too. But I will hold out for a bit if I can.

    • We also stocked up for the coming weather. We are expected to get another foot of snow ( we already have some) and then the temp is suppose to drop big time. The high is suppose to be -13. That is without the wind chill. Guessing school won’t start back up on Monday as planned.

    • Folks who live in cold weather country get a special dispensation. I remember having my grocery shopping hindered by blizzards. Some things you just can’t control.

  5. I spent $36 on perishable items, dog food and cat litter on Thursday. I usually do all my grocery shopping on Saturday morning. I did not go today 🙂 We will need milk and salad items later next week. Other than that, we are good. It was hard not to go to the store today, as it is my Saturday morning ritual. But so far, so good.

  6. mommy-2-2 says:

    Went yesterday – spent $56 on organic milk, org produce, yogurt, cheese, apple juice…. running low on all and just can’t seem to create a meal without those! Was planning on making turkey burgers/fries tonight….. but just found out we are invited to the inlaws tmr for burgers……………. so………. quick change of plans …. just threw together what should be a tasty veggie/bean/kale soup………. and some rolls from freezer 🙂 gotta think on your toes! probably will cook up the turkey tmr —- i’m thinking meatballs for monday. Going to try to hold off going back to grocery til the produce/milk runs out.

  7. I haven’t shopped! Yay! Is it sad that the 4 days of January without needing to run to grocery store feels super successful. I did go Monday and get bread, cheese and yogurt. 🙂

  8. I head to the store twice this week, but only spent $30 total. First trip was for milk and produce, second trip was to get items for my meal plan for the next week, in hopes of avoiding the stores next week! I made soup one day this week and put half in the freezer, then made felafel tonight, and froze 3 bags of that. Somehow I am filling my freezer, instead of emptying it! But I did use up those split peas and garbanzo beans that have been sitting in my pantry awhile! And now I have a few quick dinners in the freezer! Win-Win! Thanks for the inspiration for this challenge!

  9. It is supposed to be 2 degrees here tomorrow and 5 on Tuesday so I did a pick up run yesterday since we were out anyhow. Total spent was $30 but we now have milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, lettuce, apples, oranges and bananas to get through a while. Really is hard not to look at anything else except the grocery list..:-)

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