Meal Plan for November 3 – 9

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Oatmeal Bar

It’s been awhile since I shared our weekly meal plan or grocery geek posts. Life has just not been “normal” for the last two months. Then my back went out, and I’m lucky to move on my own steam.

I’m looking forward to finding a new normal, whatever that could possibly be now that the holidays are fast approaching. This weekend I cleaned out the pantry and fridge and hauled my big boys to the grocery store so they could do the heavy lifting. Here’s hoping for a steady keel this coming week.

Regardless, normal/not normal, I’ve got a meal plan ready for the week. I don’t have too many recipes to share because these are dishes “in the works” with recipes coming later this month or in a future cookbook.


Bacon and Broccoli Egg Bake – recipe coming soon

Herb Roast Turkey Breast and all the trimmings – recipe coming soon

Creamy Turkey Enchiladas – recipe coming soon


Cereal and milk – I found FIVE open boxes in the pantry, something that never happens because I rarely buy cereal. Ugh!

Chicken Sandwiches, fruit and veggies

Roast Vegetable Marinara, Pasta, Broccoli 

Fresh Chive and Basil Lasagne


Oatmeal and toppings

Tuna sandwiches, fruit and veggies

Beefy Lasagna, Salad, Biscuits


Banana Chocolate-Chip Pancakes, fruit

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Taco Soup

sauerkraut porl


Blueberry Muffins

Sauerkraut and Pork

Chicken Bowtie Pasta


Waffles and Berries


Pizza Night


I’m getting another teenager on Saturday. Birthday Boy hasn’t decided on the menu yet.

Got something fun to look forward to on your meal plan this week?

free-meal-planIf you’re not keen on creating your own meal plan, hop on over to Life as MOM, where there are currently over 25 different printable meal plans with grocery lists. Just print and cook.

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  1. My meal plan is kind of mixed up and not normal at all. Normally I do one of three things for breakfast, leftovers for lunch(except weekends) so I just plan dinner, but it looks like I might have to plan even more than we already are because I can see several things on their way out and I refuse to waste food. So….

    Meal Plan Sun Nov 3- Sat Nov 9
    Sunday: Breakfast: Sausage Gravy & Biscuits Lunch: Snacky: We need to use up hummus, tomatoes, celery, cheese etc. Dinner: Cabbage Rolls
    Monday: Breakfast: Boiled eggs and Bacon, Lunch: leftover Beef Soup Dinner: Fried Pork chops with sautéed zucchini
    Tuesday: Breakfast: Last of Hummus, Tomatoes, etc. if any (if not boiled eggs) Lunch: Leftover Chicken Enchiladas (from Saturday) Dinner: Chicken Picatta w/ spinach and noodles or rice
    Wednesday: Breakfast: Pico De Gallo with avocado and bacon Lunch: Whatever leftovers are leftover Dinner: Fend for yourself (clean out the fridge)— I’ll be working that night
    Thursday: Breakfast: Spinach & Egg Scramble Lunch: Almond Butter Sandwich with Bananas Dinner: Pizza (?)
    Friday: Breakfast: Spinach & Egg Scramble Lunch: (???) Dinner: (???) Once again working nights so Ill decide this on Thursday more than likely
    Saturday: Breakfast: PANCAKES! I make a meal plan on Saturday evenings and go grocery shopping

    Snacks: Cheese, Hummus, Avocado, Tomato, anything with Spinach or Bananas

    There wont be much room to move food around this week or else their may be too much food waste. We will see how it goes.

  2. My meal plan for this week (and most of the next two) looks like a pantry challenge.There are many reasons for this.
    One is me being back at work but having baby and two-year-old while hubby works after I come home. Another is just needing to use food. Another is an attempt to underspend the grocery budget to help make up for the crazy times in the last 2 months (and the extra expensive of my annual feast). What I’m most looking forward to is when I get to buy some ground beef and cheese to help use up some poor tasting refried beans. I turn the beans and cheese into a lovely sauce for beef enchiladas! That won’t be this week, though. Today is lasagna with components mostly from the freezer or pantry. Hooray!

  3. Like Lizzy, I’m doing another mini-pantry challenge for the next few weeks. Up to Thanksgiving, probably. I’ve got too much food in the house. With the kid eating at school food court a few lunches a week, and both of us eating at work a couple meals a week, the food at home has been building up with nobody eating it. Time to wean through some of it. We’ve done well the last 3 days, gotten some stuff used up, so here’s hoping to make a good dent in the freezer that is totally full again. Monday will be eggs for breakfast and pork tenderloin for dinner. Tuesday will be spinach ravioli and burritos. We’ll see past that.

  4. Michelle K says:

    My daughter (4) is quite the picky eater. How do you get your little ones to eat soup, etc?

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