A Meal Plan for the Week {November 17 – 23}

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Maple Brown Sugar Cinnamon Rolls

The week hasn’t started yet, but already I’m exhausted. I know we have plenty of food in the house, but I’m too tired to go take a real inventory. So, I’m picturing in my mind the contents of my freezer and pantry and forming a meal plan off that. This could get interesting.





Stack of Basic Pancakes




So, what are YOU having?

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  1. Leftovers, Freezer meals, leftovers, leftovers and did I mention leftovers. Nothing new will be cooked in my house until next Friday when I start cooking for our early thanksgiving. I have to have mouth surgery the Tuesday before thanksgiving so I’m doing turkey day early. So until then we are cleaning out the icebox.

  2. What holiday are you celebrating on Monday?

  3. Weird maybe that this is what stuck out to me, but what holiday is Monday? I know this past Monday was Veterans Day…. 😉

  4. Allie Zirkle says:

    Looking at this plan, all I can think is “I sure miss gluten!” 🙂

  5. Every one of these has at least one portion of the meal coming from the freezer. Days to be determined, but meals will be leftover pot roast with potatoes (entire meal came from freezer), baked ham with leftover sweet potatoes, scallops of some sort probably with bacon, lawnmower taco casserole, and the rest of the lobster bisque I made tonight.

    The bisque was fun. I was out of onions/shallots, but had some pearl onions languishing in the freezer for eons. Since I was going to puree it all to smooth it out anyway, I got to use those up. I tossed in the handful of frozen celery and frozen carrots I had, thus using those up. The lobster I used has been in my freezer for years. Quite literally. The last few freezer clear outs, I almost just threw it away. However, the final result turned out pretty darn tasty. Oh, and I baked the baguettes that had been in the freezer too long as well. It was a great use of ancient freezer items! I just hope the bisque reheats well, since we only ate half of it.

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