A Meal Plan for the Week {November 10 – 16}

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Lasagna and Cornbread with Salad

I know that having a meal plan can make the week go so much more smoothly for my family and me. We have a better chance at dinners on-time and a lower risk of take-out at the last minute because I just can’t pull off a homecooked meal.

Last week I had a meal plan, but last week the meal plan didn’t exactly happen. So many things came up to push the meals I planned to the side. We still ate at home (mostly), but we ate easier to prepare meals. Like these. They are my back-up plan and I love them! Love them.

Tomorrow I’m doing a ginormous Costco trip — yes, Grocery Geeks, I’ll try to photograph it — and stocking us up on the Back Up Plan. Did I think that last week would turn out they way it did? No, so I need more back-up so we can avoid taco drive thrus.

Here’s the plan, for now:


Monday {holiday}


Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich


Thursday {FishChick7’s birthday}



Got YOUR meal plan on?

(Psst. If you don’t feel like writing your own meal plan, hop on over to Life as MOM where you can download 28 different meal plans for FREE.)

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  1. After strictly planning last week so no food would go to waste (we only ended up losing one avocado, one tomato, and half a lime) this week can be a lot more lenient. So I planned like I normally do five dinners and two leftover nights. We are going to have smoothies for breakfast and mostly leftovers for lunch.

    Dinners: Chili, Korean Fried Rice, Grilled Salmon, Chicken Picatta, and Pizza

    I will also be starting my Thanksgiving cooking because we will be celebrating the Sunday before due to a surgery I have planned. So this week I will be cooking all of my pies and my rolls and freezing them.

  2. Those weeks happen. Usually in my house, it means I just leave something in the freezer while we eat leftovers. But sometimes I freeze the leftovers and stick with the plan. I dislike wasting food, and this past week I miscalculated the amount of salmon I’d have left over from baking a (small) whole one. We ate salmon 3 days in a row, and then my wife got sick and I couldn’t find the time to make salmon cakes and freeze them, and now we are throwing out leftovers. 🙁

    Coming up this week:
    Monday: bean soup, biscuits; eggs, soldered potatoes
    Tuesday: leftovers, fruit; chicken breast, biscuits, broccoli
    Wednesday: [WORK LUNCH] / bean soup, fruit; pizza, oranges
    Thursday: leftover lunch or oatmeal & fruit; fish sticks, wax beans
    Friday: [lunch – I dunno]; early Thanksgiving potluck celebration
    Saturday: grilled cheese, fruit; game hen, roasted carrots and potatoes, leftover wax beans
    Sunday: chicken breasts, sweet potato spears; taco bowls, pomegranate

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