The Week’s Meal Plan (Sept 15-21)

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denver scramble breakfast

For the last few weeks, mealtimes have been pretty intense. Since I’m retesting for a cookbook I’m working on, I’m making multiple meals per day. This means I’ve been in the kitchen for several hours every day. A meal plan has been a little non-existent, at least in the traditional sense.

I’m thrilled to get back to some regular planning — and regular hours in the kitchen. I drafted a 3×7 meal plan for the week, so that everyone in the family knows what’s on the menu. Hopefully, they’ll pitch in to make it happen, too.

Here’s the meal plan for the week:

waffles breakfast pantry challenge


Potstickers and Sauce


Fresh Chive and Basil Lasagne


Snacks and Desserts

What’s on YOUR meal plan this week?

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  1. Good luck reviewing your cookbook! I hope the chaos dies down soon!

    My mother-in-law is coming into town for the weekend from across the country so we will spend the week trying to eat leftovers and clean house preparing for her arrival. There will probably be a good bit of eating out with her being in town for the weekend, so I’m hoping to have all of the fresh produce either eaten or cleaned and frozen by then.

    Breakfasts- Leftover Sausage Gravy & Biscuits, Eggs, Sweet Potato Pancakes
    Lunch-Leftover Pot-roast, Leftover Vegetable Soup, Leftover Leftover Leftovers!!!
    Dinner- MORE LEFTOVERS. The only new thing I’m cooking is a batch of pork and sauerkraut at requested by hubby.

    Luckily my husband and I LOVE leftovers. We were both raised on them so we eat them up. Not having to worry about cooking is making the upcoming weekend bearable.

  2. That all sounds very yummy. I have the next couple of weeks planned out to make space in the freezer again. The only groceries I have down for this week are plums, tortillas, and garlic bread! (In this case, buying the prepared kind made more sense than making my own.) Menu items include fish sticks, roasted chicken, pasta w/ homemade pesto, vegetable beef soup I made, and lamb shoulder in the slow cooker. We’ve also got a date night planned at the Mexican place around the corner.

  3. Breakfast-alternate oatmeal, raisin bran and egg mcmuffin type thing
    Lunch-leftovers, egg salad or tuna sandwiches, plums or apples for fruit
    Dinner-huge crockpot of taco soup that will last for days, teriyaki pork chops with pineapple and rice, tilapia
    Tomatoes go with all meals (okay, not cereal) as the garden is crazy with them.

    I’m looking forward to your new cookbook!

  4. The past few days I have been items to put in the freezer for quick lunches

    Today I made a few meals using a few chicken breasts I cooked yesterday and items from my CSA box. Mac n cheese with chicken and broccoli, baked chicken fajitas, chicken parmesan casserole, fried rice with chicken and vegetables.

  5. So I’m really back in meal-planning mode. We have barely bought any food out, except the planned1for pizza last night, in 2 weeks. I find I do best if I plan for Mon-Fri, then assess Thurs night/Fri morning for the weekend’s meals. And I only officially plan dinners. Breakfast is fend for yourself, lunch is typical lunchbox fare for kids/leftovers or a sandwich for hubs/variety for me based on what we have(last week I had bean tostadas, salad, tomato soup and sandwich, etc.).

    This week’s dinners so far are:

    Monday: Ham and Veggie Fried Rice (my own throw-together recipe)
    Tuesday: Shrimp Pad Thai (recipe I modified from Cooking Light), salad
    Wednesday: Turkey Picadillo, rice, green beans
    Thursday: daughter’s 17th bday, so her choice (probably Chipotle followed by froyo, hehe)
    Friday: Salmon Burgers, salad, fruit salad

    I have embarked on a weight loss regimen, finally. I joined a gym, am working out pretty hard, and am counting calories. I’m eating a lot of healthy and yummy foods. It’s possible I’ll supplement my meals with extra salad/veggies and smaller servings of carbs, though I don’t believe in cutting them out. It’s been 12 days and it’s getting easier, and I’m not as hungry as I was the first week. Luckily I like to cook, and I typically cook pretty healthily. If I create a recipe (fairly typical), I add up the total calories as I go, then divide by my serving size. This means, too, that I’ll be meal planning a lot for the foreseeable future.

  6. I keep your cookbook displayed in my kitchen because I love it so much and my mother in law saw it a few days ago and wanted to borrow it. I made her promise to give it back to me….in a timely manner :)… Because I use it often! Looking forward to book #2!

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