Grocery Geek: Starting off the Month

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This week went by in a flash! Not only did we start school on Tuesday, but I’ve been furiously retesting recipes to make sure they are good to go before book deadline.

Meal planning revolves on the many meals per day that I’m preparing. Grocery shopping does, too.

Here’s how it all went down this week:

trader joe's sept

Trader Joe’s

We cruised through TJ’s on Sunday to make sure that we were stocked for the week. I’m using this meal plan for school lunches, even though my kids are home during the day. Having easy to make-ahead lunches makes lunchtime easier.

Total spent: $83

produce box september 1

Abundant Harvest Organics

The box was beautiful this week, as were the extras that I had ordered. Alas, the fridge is only so big, so what I couldn’t store, I shared. And I’ve set the box on vacation for the rest of the month. I need to catch up and see some white space in my refrigerator.

Total spent: $38

ralphs sept 2

Ralphs #1

I had hubs pick up some stuff on his way home from work, ingredients that I needed for recipes I was testing plus all the milk products we consume. Yes, it’s cheaper than Costco, but that’s a black hole sometimes. Avoiding it for now. I need space in the fridge.

Total spent: $36

ralphs sept 3

Ralphs #2

I headed in for a few more produce items a few days later.

Total spent: $6

Ralphs september

Ralphs #3

While hubs and the littles headed to the home improvement store, I strolled through Ralph’s clearance. That’s infinitely more interesting than planks of wood and nuts and bolts. I found markdowns on bread, tea, and Boursin cheese.

Total spent: $12

Total spent this week: $175

How’s the grocery geek in you doing?

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  1. Since my July- Labor Day pantry challenge-ish I’ve changed the way I shop COMPLETELY. We recently finished off the last of the boxed and pre-prepared foods. We are now only buying REAL whole food (fruits/veg/meat). I have been shopping once a week at about $50-$55 bucks a trip. I used to shop once a month and spend $150 and supplement those trips about two more times at $25 a trip. My budget for food has stayed about the same but we are eating so much healthier! I am proud to say that we saved about 450$ during the two month pantry clean out. Everything that wasn’t eaten that was nonperishable was given away/donated. I feel like our freezer hasn’t gotten the slightest bit empty though because now I’m freezing more fresh food than ever.

    Oh Well….

    So far this month I’ve spent $47.00 at Raleys and $6 at Winco. This will last us until next Saturday when I go shopping again!

    Oh and also Ive stopped including dog food and toilitries in our food budget, and that has made my life way less stressful!!!!

  2. Ok (playing my Where’s Waldo game) – what are the two red liquid bottles in the middle of the TJ’s picture? Also, who eats the bran flakes and how do they eat them? I use bran flakes to bake muffins – I have on my list to make craisin-bran muffins today, might not happen though.

    • Ha! The bottles are red wine vinegar. Since I make my own dressing, we go through a lot of that. UBS likes their bran flakes. They’re sweetened. He and the kids just eat them with milk.

  3. My month is off to a good start! I stocked up on lots of great produce deals at the regular grocery stores which made me happy. Now, as always, the trick is to make sure we eat it all up before it goes bad! I am thankful to see apples going on sale (here in Indiana) about now. I’m ready to stock up on apples to eat…and for my freezer!

  4. On par so far with this month’s budgetary allowance. I can’t figure out why I still keep buying stuff when I have so much at home! What I’ve bought has all been perishables, though, that we are now trying hard to use up before it starts to spoil.

  5. So I’m back after being on vacation the entire month of August. I know, spoiled. But we were visiting family(lucky us the grandparents all live where vacations are awesome: by the beach in San Diego County and on Long Island just a short train ride from Manhattan). And we did college visits. And the hubs worked one week in between, and was called home early from his parents in NY due to Syria happenings. We stayed and had one of our best ever weeks in NY. So. That being said, after pantry-challenging July and being gone all of August, there was nothing fresh left in the house, except a few carrots, eggs, and apples. And maybe some cheese and tortillas. But that was it. So, serious stocking up was required last week, our first week home. $171 in two trips to Trader Joe’s, which was the only place I could handle after all the traveling and not being able to get the brain straight to meal plan. I knew I was buying food we would eat and that I could make meals from what I purchased. By Friday, I had desperate needs for a Costco trip, so spent another $114 on food(more on other items, but not food). Meals have been healthy and yummy and best of all, no eating out yet.

  6. Well at the end of August I have replaced all but $50 of the money that I had saved and utilized for hubs to work out of town. I’m going to continue into September and maybe October(we have a vacation coming up so that may present problems.) I know that I’ll face rebellion in November and December if I even consider a “challenge” with food. The kids love Thanksgiving and all the fixings and they love making a different cookie recipe a week.

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