Grocery Geek: End of September

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Trader Joe's end of sept

I’m calling the month right about now. It’s going to be a busy weekend with hockey and book stuff to do. I don’t plan to shop again before Monday, so we’re going to just pantry challenge our way through. We’re out of milk; might have to go get some of that, but otherwise, we’ll just hang tight.

It’s been a survival week. I pulled meals from the freezer whenever I could. I had hubs get a bunch of convenience items at Trader Joe’s. And then we got the produce box. So, we’ve eaten pretty well, all things considered.

There are lots of little random bits of stuff in the freezer. I’m contemplating a hodge podge type soup. Think that will go over? We shall see….

Trader Joe’s

The above is from hubs’ trip to Trader Joe’s: celery, apples, chips, tuna, bagels, hummus, bread, cereal, milk, coconut milk, beans, etc.

Total spent $80

produce box spet

Abundant Harvest Organics

We took quite a few weeks off the produce box this month. I had intended to take this week off as well, but I messed up. It worked out okay because I got an extra ten pounds of beautiful pears (at $1/pound) and the regular box was beautiful.

I’ve bought conventional produce the last few weeks from Walmart, Sprouts, and elsewhere. A lot of the quality has been really blech, so I’m beginning to see the value of the box. I think this summer was a little off, but hopefully the cooler weather will put us in the right place.

I had fresh sliced tomatoes over onion cream cheese smeared on a bagel today. Awesome!

Total spent: $38

MTD: $633

I’m a little stunned that the month came in under. But, the freezer is looking pretty bare except for the aforementioned randomness, so maybe it all works out.

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  1. That’s a nice sort of surprise. 🙂 I spent a surprise $25 at the grocery store tonight. Apparently, when my other half goes out of town for the weekend, I forget how to cook and/or make edible food from what’s in the house. And I lose my patience for waiting for dinner to be ready. And frozen pot pies look really good. As does everything else I hadn’t planned to buy. *sigh*

  2. Allie Zirkle says:

    Is that lemongrass in your produce box? If so, how fun!! Maybe kiddos are sampling recipes, filling up that way?

  3. I’ve noticed the same thing with our CSA box; this summer was disappointing, but this last box was phenomenal! Here’s to fall produce 🙂

  4. I’ve been trying to eat down the freezer and with the hot end of summer I really didn’t feel like cooking. So I’m still into the eating down cooking right now. Made the best honey ribs the other day and ate it for two meals – then defrosted some chicken apple sausages and will drop those in the slow cooker in the morning with cabbage and potatoes and chunked up apple. While going through the freezer this morning I discovered a package of six boneless pork chops and will defrost those tomorrow to make pork fried rice / chops with potatoes and carrots / pork & broccoli … I feel that mid-October I’ll be down to only the bread in the freezer and then will begin to restock – but very slowly! Tuesday is normally my shopping day but am foregoing it this week – only need milk and will buy that at the little store in my village. I’ll go Friday for fresh veggies and lettuce. I bought a bag of small mac apples (locally) and have enough so that I don’t need to fruit shop until mid-Oct. I’m trying hard to hold myself to less than $135 a month until January. Its a challenge that I hope to keep.

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