Real Food Deals – August 14 to August 20 or 21, 2013

Looking for “real food” sales? Here’s a quick round-up of specials you might find on the west coast. To find specials in other parts of the country, check out the store deals database at Money Saving Mom.

Years ago I posted weekly grocery deals to help readers find “real food” on a budget. The feature is back. I’ve scanned through the grocery ads to highlight the unprocessed or minimally processed items that I see as good deals this week. I have certain target prices, so what the store may call a “sale” price is not necessarily what I call a deal.

This week I’m putting my money on Sprouts and Ralphs, though I might go grab some salmon at Vons.

Check with your local store and ad to confirm the sale prices I list. Consider these special prices for stock-up opportunities available in Southern California stores:



Fresh produce

  • California-grown red or green seedless grapes $0.68/pound
  • black plums, yellow peaches, and nectarines $0.68/pound
  • sweet white corn 3/$1
  • whole seedless watermelon 3 pounds/$1
  • New Mexico Hatch green chiles $0.68/pound
  • red radishes, green onions, or green bell peppers 3/$1
  • yellow onions or green cabbage 3 pounds/$1
  • gala or pink lady apples $0.98/pound
  • beefsteak tomatoes $0.98/pound
  • celery, eggplant, or baby peeled carrots $0.98 each
  • organic chard or collard greens 2 for $3
  • organic red onions $0.88/pound
  • organic canteloupe $0.88/pound
  • organic romaine, red or green leaf lettuce 2 for $3

Meat and Fish

  • boneless skinless chicken thighs $1.99/pound
  • USDA Choice Natural London Broil $2.99/pound
  • pork baby back ribs $2.99/pound
  • center cut pork loin chops or roast $2.99/pound
  • chicken apple, basil, or bratwurst sausage $2.99/pound


Fresh produce

  • jumbo canteloupe $0.99 each with card
  • Fuji, Gala, Red or Golden Delicious apples $0.99/pound
  • green beans $0.99/pound with card
  • grape tomatoes 2 for $4, 10 ounce package with card
  • iceberg or leaf lettuce $0.99 each
  • mangoes 2 for $1 with card
  • yellow peaches or nectarines $0.99/pound
  • broccoli or cauliflower $0.99/pound
  • navel oranges $0.99/pound
  • roma tomatoes $0.99/pound

Meat and Fish

  • Foster Farms whole chicken $0.88/pound with card
  • Jennie-O ground turkey $2.99/package with card
  • boneless, skinless chicken breasts $2.97/pound with card


  • Ralphs cheeses, 8 ounces $2.28/package with card
  • Ralphs large eggs 2/$3 with card



Fresh Produce

  • California white or bi-color corn 5 for $1 with card
  • bartlett pears $0.99/pound with card
  • whole or sliced mushrooms 2 for $3 with card
  • organic broccoli bunch $1.49/pound with card

Meat and Fish

  • Fresh Foster Farms whole chicken $1.19/pound with card
  • fresh wild keta salmon fillets $4.99/pound


  • Peets coffee $6.99 with card
  • StarKist chunk light or chunk white tuna, 5 ounces – 5 for $5



Fresh Produce

  • Dole bananas $0.39/pound
  • red, green or black seedless grapes $0.99/pound
  • large Bartlett pears $0.99/pound

Meats and Fish

  • Foster Farms whole fryer chicken, limit 2, $0.89/pound
  • Farmer John whole pork shoulder picnic roast, bone-in $1.49/pound
  • boneless, skinless chicken breast $2.99/pound


Stater Brothers

Fresh Produce

  • whole seedless watermelon 5 pounds/$1
  • Bartlett pears $0.99/pound
  • Jumbo yellow peaches $0.99/pound
  • Gala apples $0.99/pound
  • 3-pound bag Clementines $3.99
  • large red bell peppers 10 for $10
  • large slicing cucumbers $0.79/each

Meats and Fish

  • Foster Farms whole chicken $0.99/pound
  • Foster Farms chicken grill pack $0.99/pound
  • Randall Farms chicken thighs or drumsticks family pack $0.99/pound
  • picnic-style, bone-in pork shoulder roast $0.99/pound


  • 20-pound bag Mahatma extra long grain rice $10.99
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  1. I don’t shop at Albertsons very often. I wonder if their prices will be lower now that they aren’t using club cards.

    • I quit shopping there a couple years ago. I didn’t really see the sales on real food, just processed stuff. What’s your take on that.

      • The produce department has some good specials at times, but I suppose that most of the sales are on processed food. My nearest Albertsons closed and is being turned into a Gelson’s (for those outside Southern California, it’s an upscale grocery store). That is weird because the nearest Bristol Farms was turned into a Lazy Acres.

        I have problems picking out good apples at Sprouts. I can’t explain it. : )

        • Lazy Acres and Gelsons! Sounds like Santa Barbara. Oh my. My Ralphs had bad apples last year. I kept having to return them. They’d been frozen in storage and were brown in the center.

          • Just Long Beach. : ( Regarding your post on crepes, is it true that the Nutella sold in Europe is different from the Nutella sold here? I’m not sure why I care, but I do.

          • I dunno about European Nutella. It wouldn’t surprise me, though. The US allows all kinds of junk in food that the EU doesn’t.

  2. I saw that Albertsons had Bob’s Red Mill for 33% off… not sure if that makes for any good deals though

    • Was this SoCal? I must have missed that. Depending on what their “nonsale” price is, it could be a good deal. I’m always skeptical that they jack the prices up before they do a promotion like that.

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