Introducing the New FoodSaver G3H Vacuum Sealer (Giveaway CLOSED)

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food saver zipper bag accessory

As you know by now, my life has been colored by freezer cooking for over 16 years now. I was very pregnant with our first child when I read the grandmother of all freezer cooking books and set out to fill my freezer. It became an addiction of sorts, this bulk cooking thing. Not only did I have a variety of meals to choose from, but I could also relax a bit at suppertime, knowing that most of the work was done for me.

Over the years, I’ve used a variety of freezer packaging, mostly ziptop freezer bags, aluminum foil, plastic containers with lids, and glass baking dishes with or without nice lids. I’d never had any experience with a food vacuum sealer, but I’d eyed them at Cabela’s years ago. Earlier this summer, FoodSaver contacted me to see if I’d be interested in reviewing the new FoodSaver G3H Vacuum Sealer.

I’ve always been skeptical of these vacuum sealing machines. I’d heard complaints about liquids getting in the seal and plastic overuse. I wasn’t convinced that it would be that useful.

Until now.

Consider the conversation I had with a friend yesterday:

Friend: You’ve never tried the FoodSaver before? My husband bought me one many years ago, but I don’t use it very often. I love it, but it’s hard to do liquids.Me: Well, this one has a drip tray to catch any juices that seem through.

Friend: Oh, mine doesn’t have that.

Me: Yeah, and there are these bags with a liquid barrier cloth, like what they put at the bottom of a package of meat at the store. It catches the juices before they get to the seal.

Friend: Oh, they didn’t have that when I got it.

Me: I really like the ziptop bags. I can put food in them, suck the air out with the machine, and then open the bag and continue using it for food storage if I haven’t used up all the food inside.

Friend: Oh, that must be new.

Clearly, FoodSaver has been listening to folks’ wants and desires and has worked to upgrade the product over the years since my friend first got her machine. Any objections she might have had with her older model are pretty much put to rest by this new baby.

food saver  techies

I’ll admit, I was a little intimidated by the package when it first arrived. Thanks to my resident techies, hubs and FishBoy12, it was up and running in no time, even though I was up to my arms in freezer cooking the day we took it out of the box. The three of us had a great time exploring the different packaging and which foods would work best with what wrappers.

Here’s just a bit of what I did this week with the latest model FoodSaver:

I’m most pleasantly surprised with the G3H Vacuum Sealer. The literature that came with it goes into great detail about the best ways to package things and how to watch out for food safety. I really appreciate that.

Honestly? I love this machine. Not only does it seal the food airtight to help prevent freezer burn, it packs food more tightly than I could so that I save space in the freezer.

food saver turkey meat

Obviously, I’m using this machine for freezer cooking, but it can also be used to help store food longer in the refrigerator. I really like this since we try to use ingredients with few preservatives. If I can package it well for refrigeration, like that turkey breast, it will last longer. It’s a nitrate-free roasted turkey breast that is a great price at Costco, but I’ve often tossed the ends of it because it just loses its fresh color and smell.

The FoodSaver literature explains also how you can save money by not wasting food. While I haven’t tested it myself, I can totally see this.

food saver party

photo source: FoodSaver

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Win a New FoodSaver G3H Vacuum Sealer

This week one Good Cheap Eats reader will win a  New FoodSaver G3H Vacuum Sealer from Food Saver.

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Disclosure: I have received financial compensation and review product from FoodSaver. All opinions are my own. I really am smitten with this new machine and am so glad that one of you will get to win one as well.

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  1. Wow, that’s awesome! I just brought home a secondhand FoodSaver (a really old model) and I’m waiting on a delivery of vacuum seal bags to put the machine through its paces. I am SUPER excited about this — it will make freezer cooking so much more streamlined. Plus easy-stacking see-through containers that only take up as much room as the food inside! Yay!

  2. Tiffany Kaiser says:

    Loved reading your review of the Foodsaver, I REALLY want one of these. I always have my eye on them when I’m in Costco. You have convinced me to save up for one!

  3. I see the FoodSaver on sale from time to time at Costco but never made the jump. Does it end up being more economical in the long run than Ziplock bags? I freeze everything from meats to sauces/stocks, to fruit in the bags. I do get freezer burn but nothing ever tasted off. I’ve been on the fence so long about this I’d love to hear more from people that have a FoodSaver on the pros/cons.

    Thank you!

  4. Gosh! I really like this model so much better than all the previous ones. It has all the features that I thought were lacking before. You summed up all my concerns in this post. I will probably buy this one if I don’t win it. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  5. We love our old one.
    But it doesn’t do all that.
    I hope we win. This would be awesome!
    Thank you for the chance Jessica,

  6. oooo, pick me pick me?!
    seriously, this is a very generous giveaway. the winner will truly be a lucky GCE-ter.
    thanks for the chance.

  7. LinDA fOCHT says:

    Gosh, this Foodsaver looks so awesome. I do a lot of canning as we put out a big garden and it is only the two of us. Looks like it would be great to win and would save a lot of work!!

  8. Laurie Decker says:

    Wow! It appears that Food Saver has made a machine that takes care of all the little problems I’ve had in the past with using one! Thank you for posting about the new Food Saver and the giveaway.

  9. The biggest thing that concerns me is if the bags can be reused – I reuse my ziploc bags – more for environmental reasons than any other reasons. If I am freezing raw meat, I use a bread bag.

    • I’ve been thinking about that one. You can reuse their zipper bags.

      I think that wasting less food is environmentally conscious. If you don’t have a big problem with waste, then it’s a moot point. But for those of us for whom that’s an issue, it’s an interesting point. The other thing I was thinking is that the food fits so compactly in my freezer, I think I could get away with a freezer half the size of what I have, which would be a better energy use. Just a couple thoughts. I totally get your concern.

  10. Super cool! I’ve wondered why you’ve never written about Food Saver.. Now I know.. You’re gonna LOVE it!
    My sister bought my mom one before they were in stores.. they were only being sold on the Home Shopping Network or whatever the equivalent was back in the late 80s.. Mom wasnt interested in messing with it so she let me “borrow” it. I loved that thing & dragged it all over the US with me thru no less than a dozen moves. I accidentally left it on my laundry room shelf when I made my last move 15 years ago. 🙁
    I bought a cheapo one next but it wasnt long before I realized how it didnt come close to stacking up with the Food Saver. I bought another and then bought another model a few years ago that takes up less room.
    I love my FoodSavers but I have to say, I love to upgrade too.. I’ll never be without a FoodSaver as long as I live if I can help it. 🙂

  11. thank you for the chance Jessica-what a great giveaway!

  12. What a great give away.. Hope I win!

  13. Here I thought this was a sort of gimmicky, expensive waste of space. Between your review and the other posters who love theirs, I’m rethinking that concept now…

  14. Margaret Davis says:

    Hubby and I got a hand -me-down older model from friends who used it once and then never again. We’ve always been freezer people and the compact use of the Foodsaver has saved us space and money. Since it is older and doesn’t have many of the cool features you listed – we have been keeping an eye open for a good sale.

    BTW – I stocked up on the freezer bags recently when they were on sale and Target had a coupon. I find that I still use regular zip top bags for some items for economy but for longer storage and meats nothing beats the Foodsaver. We do make our own bag sizes and use the smallest bag possible in proportion to what we are freezing.

  15. Looks very cool! I would just be (very) concerned about the price of the bags! But it’s good to know, as a previous poster stated, that they are sold other places and go on sale. I’m not sure that 13 gallon bags for $12 would be sustainable for me, even if it does keep the food fresher longer.

  16. Suzi Uzi says:

    Great article and giveaway, but I’m pretty disappointed that, as a Canadian, I can’t enter the draw. 🙁

  17. What a very cool giveaway! Thanks to FoodSaver and you! I have been looking at them for the last few years, but I haven’t taken the plunge for a big one. I have to say, though, that I bought the handheld battery one and a wide mouth attachment to package salads in mason jars last year, and I use it for some pantry items occasionally. We all love it when we open the frig and can easily and quickly have a salad.

    I may have to think about saving for one of these!

  18. Awesome–we have an older FoodSaver–I’d love to give this new one a try!

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