Grocery Geek: Apples are My Love Language

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gopher glen apples

This is a gift from my husband. He needed to travel to a town where we used to live in order to pick up birth certificates for some of the kids. After he left, I remembered that apples were in season. After a quick email from me, he stopped at our very favorite apple farm and picked up FORTY-FOUR pounds of apples. I am in heaven.

Total spent: $65

Yes, that bumps our grocery spending over target this month, but I am so okay with that. So okay. Apple season is one of my happy places.

We’re planning a family vacation up that way in October, so we’ll get another 40 pounds (or more) then. More to look forward to.

Here’s the rest of the grocery shopping of the week:


ralphs august

At Ralphs, I grabbed some markdowns and those sale chickens.

Total spent: $30

Produce Box

produce box august

The produce box grapes were pretty fabulous. We also got spaghetti squash, eggplants, Asian pears, red onions, tomatoes, lettuce, figs, melon, and peppers.

Total spent: $38

Not pictured: 2 gallons of milk, $5

Total spent this week: $136

Monthly spending to date: $863

I’m bummed that there’s still another week in the month. 🙁 I think I can squeak through with just buying milk, but it won’t be fun to convince the rest of them.

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  1. Apples are my love language too! What a tremendous gift! Way to go FishPapa!

  2. Yum, what are you going to do with all of those apples?

  3. What a wonderful gift! Speaking of stocking up, a while back you and I were spoke about the chicken at Zaycon Foods and I hadn’t yet tried it. Well, we’ve tried it and I want to say that we were pleased with the quality and size of these chicken breasts. That was about 4 months ago and they are now having another chicken sale, only this time it is even cheaper, at $1.84 per pound. If you are interested each box comes in 40 lbs and you can check out the Zaycon Foods website. They are also offering milk in certain areas, but not where I live yet. Anyhow I’m gonna see if I can get my hubby to let me buy more chicken, I’m really lovin’ this price!

  4. Is that a Star Wars doodle I see on the Empire bag? I love apple season as well, it is just getting started here in NH!

  5. Apple season is one of my happy places, too! And it’s just starting here! A friend and I made the inaugural trip to the orchard store last weekend. Sometimes to get through my crazy work days (and pregnant days), I will be able to think of apples and smile. Another happy thing, my two-year-old has started asking to eat apples since I brought a couple home last weekend. It makes me happy to see him enjoying the surprise of new seasonal fruit, too. I’ve had to tell him no! Buying more today.

  6. Yeah on the apples! We rented an organic apple tree this year. We paid $55, and they called us to pick the tree when the apples were ripe. We got 94 pounds!

    • What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing, I’ve never heard of this before. I’m gonna research this in my area.l

  7. It’s so hot here (FL) that we can’t grow apples :(. I miss living in climates where apples are readily available – last year on vacation we were able to go toApple Hill in northern CA and enjoy all the apples and “apple delicacies” it was so much fun (and so yummy). Not something we get to do here. Enjoy all your apple orchards

  8. It’s so worth it to go over budget for amazing produce! I’m sure you’ll be using some of it in the future so it’ll even out anyway.

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