Grocery Geek: Adios August

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The month is over! This week we bought mostly fresh produce and milk. Hubs ran to Costco for more milk, eggs, cheese, turkey, and bread.

I’m cookbook crazy, so I’ve been somewhat scatter-brained. Thus, a very brief post.

Total spent this week $75

Monthly spending: $938

So, yeah, I went over. I blame cookbook crazy.

Let’s look at the year as a whole:

January $451
February $1028
March $954
April $799
May $798
June $907
July $546
August $938

Monthly average = $802.63

For those of you just tuning in, my monthly target is $800/month.

$802.63 is what we’re currently averaging. That’s what we’re spending on regular meals on average each month. Keep in mind: We have a separate dining out budget. Toiletries and cleaning supplies don’t go toward this total. I don’t count the delivery charge for the produce box, either. (And sometimes when I develop recipes for cookbooks or other projects, I don’t use grocery money to do that. What if it’s a bomb?)

We’re feeding eight people, aged 4, 6, 9, 11, 12, 16, 41, and 50. We live in San Diego. And we don’t buy much in the way of processed foods. My youngest daughter is allergic to peanuts.

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  1. I’ve just caught up on your blog’s August posts. One thing I missed while being out of town the entire month! I spent exactly $0 on groceries. However, I don’t even want to know what we spent on food out. A lot. We were at either my parents in San Diego area or my in-laws on Long Island, so we ate our fair share of meals there, too. But not enough. Got home last night to an empty fridge, unless you count condiments, some carrots, 3 apples, lemons, some eggs, and a little cheese. The brain was fried and I couldn’t think straight, but I went to Trader Joe’s before it closed so we could stock up on food I know we eat(fruit/veggies/bread/pickles/cheese/deli meats/milk/yogurt, etc). I’ll meal plan tomorrow. Today needed to be reserved for laundry, bills, and getting ready for the first day of school tomorrow. $149 worth of food later, the fridge looks respectable and we’ll make do with freezer/pantry staples too until I get meal planning back on track. Suffice it to say, we are ready for healthy home-cooked meals. It was fabulous being gone, but it’s also wonderful being home again. 🙂

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