Summer 2013 Pantry Challenge: Day Seven

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I’m taking the Pantry Challenge, eating what’s in the fridge, freezer, and pantry, and trying to save some cash.


Today marks the end of week one. I feel odd calling it week one, since all month will be challenging in order to preserve the savings of this two week challenge.

This morning FishBoy9 saved the day for breakfast when he asked if he could thaw the waffles from the freezer. Amen, brother, yes, yes, you can. So, waffles and milk for breakfast.

Whereas yesterday was a tad stressful thanks to unthawed chicken, today was a little bit easier. I cooked the chicken legs for our lunch as well as the rest of the sweet corn. I sliced veggies and watermelon for an easy and tasty lunch.

chicken lunch

I do have to say, we’re starting to come up empty on some of our go-to items for snacks. The kids have poked their heads into the pantry a number of times, looking for snacks. There are none too many. We’ve had popcorn for late night snacking a couple days in a row.

When hubs came home from work today, he kept opening and shutting the pantry and the fridge. I knew he was looking for an easy snack, too. I came up with graham crackers, pepper jack cheese, and sliced vegetables for options. He took door number 1 and dipped his crackers in milk.

homemade croutons

For dinner, we had pizza and salad. I made croutons with a stale loaf of sourdough bread from the freezer. We snacked on these while we waited for dinner to be ready.

The kids topped their own pizzas while I made a Marguerite for hubs and me. There were no leftovers of either.

marguerite pizza

I guess I better get baking tonight….

Breakfast: Waffles, Milk

Lunch: Baked Chicken, Watermelon, Veggies, Corn on the Cob

Dinner: Pizza and Salad with Homemade Croutons

pantry challenge sum 13This post is a part of the Summertime Pantry Challenge where we’re trying to save money on food by using up what we have. You can read more about it here.

I’ll be posting daily updates on how the challenge is going. You can read through the PC archives here.

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  1. We are working down the pantry and freezer. We thawed pancakes this morning. I pulled out some whole wheat banana muffins as well for the next couple of days.

    Breakfast: pancakes, skim milk, raspberries
    Lunch: mini chicken pot pies; sliced strawberries; raspberries
    Dinner: chicken quesadillas; black beans and sweet peppers; half and half rice

    Half and half rice: When we got married my husband would not eat brown rice or whole wheat pasta. When the kids came along I decided it was time to improve everyones diet. I started with the rice. I began by adding a few tablespoons of brown rice to the pot of white rice. Over time I slowly started increasing the share of brown rice. Now all of our rice dishes use half brown and half white without any complaints from my husband. Whole wheat pastsa has proven more difficult, but I am still working on it. I keep reminding myself Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  2. breakfast – chocolate milk
    lunch – hummus and crackers, red cherries, half a turkey & cheese sandwich
    dinner – bean/kielbasa/veggie soup, rolls, ice cream

    I do agree about a lack of easy snacks. It was a problem before the challenge started, and of course even worse now. Having very little fresh produce, either veggies or fruit, is bugging me as well. I have some frozen berries that have been in the freezer for *cough* that I think will be blended into smoothies as I doubt they can possibly be good for anything else at this point. Past that, I will have to go shopping. The grocery store also has a few things on sale this week that we like – such as the kid’s favorite cereal – so I will probably have to go spend some money. Bummer. 🙂

  3. Breakfast – cereal and toast
    Lunch – Cheese and crackers, fruit
    Dinner – Rib steak, baked potatoes, carrots

    Thinking we will be continuing the pantry challenge into August. With the fish I picked up this week and everything that is left in the freezer and pantry we still have plenty left for meals. Snacks are running low but we can pick up some when we stop for milk next week. Really happy with all we have spent ($50.58), the first 2 weeks of this month. Thank you Jessica for the reminder to keep it real!

  4. Found two packages of linguisa in the freezer so it’s sausage and peppers for dinner tonight! Thanks for the tips on baked chicken, forgot how easy it could be!!!

  5. Patricia says:

    I’m finding it such a challenge and so am loving it! Today (Sunday) I ate one of my last bananas with a cup of coffee for breakfast. LATE lunch was frozen pasta I found in the freezer with some red sauce and 1/3 of a small head of iceberg lettuce with 1/2 tomato (will save the other half for my cucumber sandwich tomorrow for lunch. I’m pulling out two small steaks for the crockpot tomorrow – will have “huge” summer dinner of beef, potatoes and carrots. Doing a tad of shopping on Tuesday at major super market and will buy grapes, wheat hot dog rolls, organic yogurt strawberry squeezers (for my granddaughter) and to treat myself, Newtons banana dark chocolate things (they are on sale). I figure all I’ll be spending this week will be about $12. Its getting more challenging yet more exciting – I open my freezer and see the back wall – well maybe just the top of it – but that’s a huge difference from Day 1.

  6. I’m having the same problems as everyone else. The hubby is going snack crazy. So I’m baking tonight :). I was doing awesome on budget in the 180$ish range. Then the husband and I had to go to SAMs to buy razors (something I’m not counting in the 300$ budget because we only get them twice a year) and of course they had porkchops on sale for 1.29lb. Which is unheard of in this area so I picked some up. So now we are at $205. And still half the month to go. Things will be tight!!!!!

  7. Heather M says:

    Day 7 was great for us, Challenge-wise. The rest of the day was interesting, to say the least. Sudden passing of the father of my daughter’s friend who passed away in June(natural causes, was 75, though his son had been 18, in our minds now reunited with his son and his wife who passed away 10yrs ago). Going to a really fun concert, then exiting said concert into a peaceful, but growing and interesting Trayvon Martin protest(marching down a main drag in a historically black neighborhood in DC, with police escort, tv cameras, the works). Then hearing about the passing of yet another young celebrity. Odd day, for sure.

    On to the Challenge:

    Breakfast: minibagels, blueberry coffeecake, hardboiled eggs, etc.
    Lunch: Tuna sandwiches, hummus and pita, fruit, etc.
    Dinner: Chicken Caesar Salad (hubby asked if we might get dinner on the way to the concert, but I had already planned this and was actually worried about timing. Good thing we didn’t try to grab food before, because we would have missed an awesome opening act. Plus the $$ spent on tickets was enough for date night).

    All in all a successful week! Loved your meals today, Jessica. They sounded kind of perfect!

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