Summer 2013 Pantry Challenge: Day Five

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I’m taking the Pantry Challenge, eating what’s in the fridge, freezer, and pantry, and trying to save some cash.


Today went pretty well. With my sister and nieces here, it felt like it went by really quickly. They leave tomorrow. (sad face)

Before I left for the gym, I made brown rice in the rice cooker for the kids. I ate a bowl of granola with milk and headed out.

The kids didn’t eat until I got home: rice with toppings as well as granola and peaches. I made skillet eggs for a post-workout meal.

For lunch, I made Rainy Day Stone Soup. That basically means, I mixed up leftover taco meat, beans, rice, along with chicken broth, tomato sauce, and taco seasonings. I also made grilled cheese sandwiches.

The moms had a big salad with the rest of the roasted turkey breast from Costco last week.

My sister and the girls went to have dinner with a friend. I made Alfredo Noodles and broccoli for the kids while hubs and I went out to dinner at Fratelli’s for date night.

The day went well.

Breakfast: Rice with Toppings, Granola, Skillet Eggs

Lunch: Rainy Day Stone Soup, Grilled Cheese Soup, Salad

Dinner: Alfredo Noodles, Steamed Broccoli, Date Night 😉

pantry challenge sum 13This post is a part of the Summertime Pantry Challenge where we’re trying to save money on food by using up what we have. You can read more about it here.

I’ll be posting daily updates on how the challenge is going. You can read through the PC archives here.

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  1. Day 11. I had a HORRIBLE seriously HORRIBLE day at work so I made my husband take me on a date. We spent 47$ with tip for two drinks and an appetizer (and tip) so we are at 197 out of 300.

    CeCee- French toast (stale bread)
    Brian- cereal

    CeCee- Last of the Thursday soup 🙂
    Brian- chicken pot pie (down to the 1/2)

    Both- protein shakes for both of us. Then a small plate and drinks.

    I feel bad because I got burnt out, but I guess that’s part of the deal.

    Tomorrow I don’t work until 430pm (I am a bartender) so I’m sticking at home I’m getting back in the game

  2. Shannon says:

    I think my kids would look at me funny if I tried to serve them rice for breakfast! What kind of toppings do yours put on it?

    • Cream and sugar. It’s a vintage-type recipe. Think of it like oats. 🙂

      • I grew up eating rice for breakfast as well. Our family had two versions. One version was simple buttered rice. The other version included dried fruit and half-and-half.

  3. I ran out to pick up a couple things yesterday. Wholey’s I got Bass, Salmon, Haddock, Perch and crab cakes. Total $25.42. Fresh Produce I got lettuce, cukes, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, red onion, pears and bananas. Total $12.38. Grocery Store needed cereal, cheese and milk. Total $12.78, Total spent for the month so far $50.58 and we are eating good! Love these challenges. Then came home and picked more blueberries. Will be making muffins and bread with them today to eat and for the freezer. Made room…now need to feel it. 🙂

    Breakfast – Cereal and blueberries, wheat muffin with nutella
    Lunch – leftover beef stew
    Dinner – Fresh bass, boiled potatoes, broccoli and blueberry cheese cake

  4. breakfast – cereal
    lunch – chicken sandwich
    snack – BBQ peanuts
    dinner – fast food – was working out of town yesterday, bad thunderstorms slowed progress, I was ravenously hungry with 2 hours still to drive and the thought of waiting until I got home was highly unappealing

  5. Heather M says:

    Day 5 was good. Did food shopping for 2nd time this month and am still way under my usual monthly spending. Planning and using what we have is helping a lot.

    Breakfast: mini bagels/cereal/fruit
    Lunch: leftovers for hubby; costco pizza/trader joe’s sushi for kids and I(daughter was the smart one who had sush!), which totalled $11 and not part of grocery budget. Our entertainment/eating out budget is in great shape this month with such little spending, and we need all we can save for August when the kids and I are gone the entire month(the hubby will be with us for 3 weeks of it).
    Dinner: Mahi Mahi steaks(freezer, purchased last month at Costco), roasted garlic potatoes, salad.

    I also made homemade blackberry sherbet, a new recipe I found in an old Cooking Light. Light on the sugar, only fat was lowfat buttermilk. I love it! Of course, I adore blackberries! I also made a relatively healthy blueberry coffeecake(again, a Cooking Light recipe) using up the almost dead but not yet moldy blueberries. And it’s super moist. It’ll be good breakfast food.

    All in all, a good day. Especially because I stuck to my grocery lists.

  6. Day 12 was a little hectic because my husband and I both had to leave for work early. I told the kids to have ceral of left over waffles from yesterday. Took out two cans of soup and a package of crackers and laid them on the counter with lunch instructions. My husband emailed me to ask if he should pick up Pizza for dinner, I said no way we have chili defrosted and we can do chili fries or nachos which is a perfect Friday night dinner. I reminded him that we are off to Canada’s Wonderland ( big theme park here in Ontario) on Sunday. It is my Unions day at the park so the tickets and lunch were at a great discount but still it is costing 150 for four of us to go. The older kids were not interested, not cool to go with parents anymore they will go later in the season with friends. That is a big expense for us, and the kids are sure to want other treats throughout the day so hopefully he will listen. I spend a few minutes on my drive in going over in my mind all the food we still have and I am sure we could easily do this challenge for August as well and still be eating well. Every summer I usually have to send a months worth of food for my two kids when they go for their month’s visit with their father, he cannot afford to feed them, but can afford to make four trips a year to Turkey to visit his new wife. Long story. I usually send food from my pantry stockpile, but this year the kids do not want to go so I should have enough extra to keep going into August. Not to worry the kids will see their dad lots over the summer they just find it boring to be away from friends for a whole month.


  7. Harriet says:

    Tonight we are home from a weeks vacation. (We spent $56 eating out seafood and that was it!)
    So, now we are on with this pantry challenge. Supper here will be country ham, biscuits w/ gravy and scrambled eggs. I would add fruit but we haven’t been to the store yet. It is a cool, rainy evening here in SC so this is a perfect meal for us.
    Day #1 starts tomorrow for me.

  8. Julie H says:

    You are doing awesome!

    I thought I could stretch the little I had left for our grocery budget until next Friday…ha! I still get sticker shock when just picking up basics. I have been avoiding the store so I won’t spend…had to stop yesterday for a few things and spent $20…half of what I have left until next weekend. I bought:
    2 gallons milk
    1lb butter
    1 dozen eggs
    7 bananas
    1 loaf bread

    I may need to re-evaluate our milk consumption…we go through 3-4 gallons/week for 4 people (that’s $18-$20 weekly…yikes!). I love milk and so do my kids…hmmm. We also eat tons of fruit and shop 2-3x week for that. I don’t want to give up our healthy foods, just wish the prices would drop.

    On that note, we are eating more from what’s on hand and making do instead of running out for specific ingredients. I used up old hot dog buns (buttered and grilled) for steak sandwiches last night and they were so good!

    • This month, I’m using powdered milk in baking. I usually have some on hand to make cocoa mix, so I’m using that for baking and smoothies and saving the milk for drinking. We do 4-5 gallons for 8 people.

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