Meal Planning: July 14 – 20

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A Pantry Challenge requires careful meal planning. Plan meals from what you have, not necessarily what you want.

Easy marinated Chicken without a recipe

This is a month of cutting back, thanks to the Pantry Challenge. Since I’ve been more careful in my grocery spending, walking through the store with a calculator, I’ve had to also be more careful in my meal planning.

For instance, most Mexican dishes are off the table since we’re out of masa, tortillas, and chips. I’ll probably cave and buy one of those items this week, but I planned my meals differently than normal in order to focus on what we have. We typically have some Mexican-inspired dish about three times a week. We’re downsizing to one dinner of Rice and Beans.

Here’s the meal plan for the week:




breakfast bar





There’s our meal plan for the week.

What’s on YOURS?

pantry challenge sum 13This post is a part of the Summertime Pantry Challenge where we’re trying to save money on food by using up what we have. You can read more about it here.

I’ll be posting daily updates on how the challenge is going. You can read through the PC archives here.

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  1. Harriet says:

    After church this AM, I went to the outside freezer and pulled out 5 frozen crock pot dinners for the week, and one chicken pot pie. I moved them into the kitchen freezer for easier use. So glad to have them already made up! Will add fresh veggies, salads and/or fruit to them so that suppers are ready each night after work.
    Yesterday, I made peanut butter muffins so that we have a little something different for the kids breakfast this week. We still have homemade frozen waffles and pancakes and some cereal.
    Lunches for the week will be leftovers or sandwiches. Hubs and I pack a lunch for work, and the kids have golf camp which provides their lunches from the college’s cafeteria. It will be like “eating out” to them all week since they usually have a salad bar and dessert bar to go with their hot meal. 🙂

    • Heather M says:

      Oh that camp will make for very happy kids…. like eating out every day for sure! They’ll surely be satisfied with whatever you want to feed them for dinner. 🙂

  2. I made a large pan of stuffed shells (ricotta and frozen chopped spinach, so easy!) that we will eat for a few meals in a row. A favorite. Still eating from the freezer this week, but I also want to take advantage of a sale on whole chickens, so there’s a small grocery trip this week.

    Monday: beans & green beans, plums, yogurt from work; leftover stuffed shells, yellow squash, sliced peach / TAKE OUT MEAT SAUCE / GO SHOPPING
    Tuesday: leftover stuffed shells, applesauce; roast chicken and rice and frozen veggies
    Wednesday: [WORK PROVIDES LUNCH]; pasta with meat sauce / TAKE OUT PULLED PORK
    Thursday: chili from freezer, baked potato, string cheese from work; quesadillas, applesauce / MAKE PORK BURRITOS
    Friday: pork burritos, fruit from work; fish sticks, mac & cheese, veggies
    Saturday: pasta w/ meat sauce; [BBQ @ friends’ – take frozen beef patties]
    Sunday: taco bowls; leftovers/scrounge

  3. Heather M says:

    I have a quibble, Jessica. It appears you have TWO mexican-inspired dinners this week. Not just the beans and rice. I would argue the salsa verde grilled chicken from the first day(today?) fits the bill. 🙂

    Meal planning for this week is a bit off. Today, the 1st day of the week, we went to friends for dinner and had to contribute nothing. And we always scrounge for brunch before we head to church at 1. My son leaves for boy scout camp at 4am in the morning and is gone until Saturday. One less mouth to feed. The hubby will join him at camp Tues-Wed, so I probably won’t cook much. Daughter and I will make simple whatevers, like mac n cheese with tuna and peas, leftovers, salads, not really sure. We’ll just go with whatever those two days. Monday I’m doing a salmon version of a noodle casserole. Thursday we’ll have some protein with baked potatoes(3 left, so best to use them while one of us is gone) and veggies. I’ll figure out the weekend later in the week. Kind of playing it by ear.

    I will make a quick grocery run because the store I want to hit has eggs and pork tenderloin on BoGo thru Tuesday, We can always use eggs at that price. And we mostly have chicken and ground beef in the freezer right now. Would like a little more variety in the next three weeks. OK, we have one meal’s each worth of Mahi Mahi, shrimp, ground turkey, and steak for stirfry. But at that price, it’ll be nice to add a little protein variety. I won’t be hitting my planned budget limit at all buy buying them.

    Hope you all have a great week!

    • Jessica says:

      Yes, I suppose you’re right! I just don’t need chips, tortillas, or taco shells for that. 🙂


    There’s mine for the week. NOT looking forward to the heat wave this week. I already sweat enough cooking every night after work!

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