Meal Planning for the Week of July 1 – 6

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grilled chicken dinner

Normally, I start a Pantry Challenge on July 1. It’s the second challenge of the year, after the January edition. This past January I grew really tired by week 3. So, I decided that a shorter challenge was in order.

That starts next week. More details to follow later this week.

In the meantime, I’m going to approach meal planning this week with an eye to doing some freezer cooking as well as enjoying the 4th and some downtime with the fam. I don’t plan to do a big stockup other than the things that we are simply out of like olive oil, cheese, things like that. I’m giving myself $200 to spend this week (out of the $800 monthly target).

I’ll be building most of the meals this month primarily around what we already have, which actually isn’t much. I’ll be keeping breakfasts and lunches to the general rotation we have going this summer because it makes it so much easier.

Here’s the meal plan for the week:

Zukes 8

Breakfasts for Summer

All served with seasonal fresh fruit.

paso mom tacos sm

Lunches for Summer

All served with seasonal fresh fruit and veg.

I’m having salads most days, while the kids have:

pasta dinner

Dinners this week

All served with seasonal fruit and veg.

What are YOU having?

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    There is mine for the week. As for last week, best laid plans and all that….Went to Dutch wonderland Tuesday, my nephew was sick and was coughing on us all day. By the next day both me and my son were coming down with it. My son was too sick for daycare Friday and missed his fieldtrip. Because if his fever and throwing up we couldn’t go to the movies on Saturday. Something always seems to happen when we are on vacation!

  2. Heather M says:

    Not completely planned out yet, but tonight(Monday): a thai coconut chicken noodle soup w/spinach & snap peas; Tuesday: Sausage on rolls, salad, chips; Wednesday: Chicken black bean enchiladas, salad. Now to inventory what we have, figure out what fresh we need, and plan the rest of the week and beyond. Also making blueberry muffins tonight, and a blueberry cheesecake ice cream tomorrow.

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