Meal Plan for June’s End

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I didn’t make a monthly meal plan for June, and it shows. It really does help me to have a good plan to draw from.

I’m heading into a big season of recipe retesting so I will have a fairly scheduled approach to meal planning. We’re going to continue with the breakfast and lunch rotation since my people can pretty much do that on their own. Dinners will be for experimenting with one night of planned take-out.

That’s my theory at the moment, anyway.

We spent Saturday out of town, so before we left I worked up our meal plan for the week, surveying the freezer contents first. As you may remember, I overspent/overbought on groceries, so I’m laying low with what we’ve got this week. It was too late to put the produce box on hold, so we have that expense as well as milk, eggs, and bananas. We go through those like crazy!

Here’s the meal plan for the week:

Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfasts for Summer

All served with seasonal fresh fruit.

go to salad full plate

Lunches for Summer

All served with seasonal fresh fruit and veg.

I’m having salads most days, while the kids have:

cedar wrapped fish

Dinners this week

All served with seasonal fruit and veg.

What are YOU having?

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    There is my plan for the week. We’re on vacation so I plan on making a few new things, the bourbon chicken things and some new stuff on appetizer night. Tuesday we’re going to Dutchwonderland and as luck would have it, it is supposed to be very hot and humid. Yuck! Trying to get there as early as possible, easy to do with my early riser son, much more difficult with my night owl husband.

    Saturday it will be the first time we take Eli to the movie theater, going to see the new Monsters Inc. movie.

  2. I just defrosted the 7 pound pork loin we were given for Christmas (it would have been nice to chop it up, but it was frozen when we got it). So we’re going to have a lot of pork! Herb crusted pork loin from your freezer cookbook, stuffed pork chops, and a loin marinated in lowerys. We’ll freeze the cooked leftovers so we don’t waste any or get sick of it.

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