Grocery Geek: Birthday Week

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I’m flabbergasted that the week has gone by so quickly. I’ve been swamped with stuff. My inbox is above 200, something I rarely allow. It’s going to take awhile to dig out. Thankfully, it was all good stuff I got swamped by.

This was birthday week at our house with my eldest and my third sons both celebrating birthdays. We ate out more than normal. I purchase things that might not have been on sale in order to make much of my little men. I’m okay with that. If we go over target this month, I’ll call it birthday money well spent.

Here’s how the shopping went down:

birthday ralphsRalphs

Early in the week I took FishBoy15-16 shopping for his birthday meals. I indulged him with some of his favorite things including pop and chips, which I rarely, rarely ever buy. The boy loves to eat and I knew that having a few treats would make his day special. he was thrilled.

He was also quite humble about it. I had to insist that he pick out more than one bag of chips. As the oldest, he rarely asks for his due, let alone more than that. I’m humbled by that.

We spent $79.

Abundant Harvest Organics

aho june

Here’s the produce box for the week. It was quite lovely. I am very thankful for that box. If only the peaches didn’t go bad so quickly. Bummer!

Total spent: $38 (the price went up recently)


I went by Sprouts for a few things, but apparently I took no pictures. I don’t even remember what I bought besides chicken and fresh produce.

Total spent: $20

Weekly total: $137

MTD total: $674

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  1. Harriet says:

    Our two leave Monday AM for a missions conference in FL (hard life, huh). For the first time in 24 years, hubs and I will have a week to ourselves. So my trip to the store today consisted of only $28 worth of things, mostly the things on BOGOF that I had coupons for. We will cook very little this week, and will eat easy meals-like salads. We are trying to decide if we might even go out to eat. GASP!

  2. My groceries this week came from Costco. Granola (on good sale), milk, chocolate syrup, and some spinach patty things being sampled that the kid really liked. If this kid actually *wants* something with spinach, it’s a good item to get! Otherwise, keepin’ it here at home from the pantry.

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