Grocery Geek: Where did the week go?

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grocerygeek-gceThe last week has disappeared before my eyes. As Elizabeth Bennet would say, “I hardly know how to account for it.”

Well, yes, yes, I do. I read Pride and Prejudice throughout the week and thoroughly enjoyed it, even thought it was probably the tenth or hundredth time reading that story. Dear Jane Austen still makes me laugh out loud sometimes.

We celebrated Mother’s Day and our anniversary in delicious culinary ways: a steak and baked potato dinner for Mother’s Day and a night at Rosina’s for our anniversary. Yummy on both counts.

Grocery shopping, however, has been haphazard. The refrigerator is too full to let me think straight. I’ve been too worried about missing those fleeting, seasonal items that I haven’t put the produce box on vacation often enough to let us catch up. I’m working on that this week.

Here’s how the food procurement activity went down this week:

costco may


Hubs did the Costco run for me, grabbing a few of the things that we regularly get there: cheese, maple syrup, honey, cream, tortillas, bread. The blue cheese was for my special occasions.

Total spent: $85

Trader Joe’s

He also went to Trader Joe’s where he bought all kinds of fun food.

Total spent: $57

ralphs mayRalphs

I grabbed milk, steaks, chicken, and a few odds and ends at Ralphs.

Total spent: $47

aho mayAbundant Harvest Organics

The box was full of springy type fruits and vegetables: fava beans, English peas, artichokes, lettuce, summer squash, chard, green garlic, strawberries, donut peaches, potatoes, and apriums. I gave the fava beans to my neighbors. Enough already!

That big box of apriums was extra. Unfortunately, they came very badly bruised, and I had to toss a significant number of them because they were moldy. Bummer. The folks at AHOrganics are giving me a refund since these were supposed to be stellar apriums, not the cosmetically challenged ones from last year.

Total spent: $54 (refund pending)


I made a few runs to Sprouts this week, but honestly, I can’t even remember them. I guess I didn’t capture them on film for posterity.

Total spent: $21

Total spent for the week: $264

So far we’re doing pretty well for the month, despite my haphazard purchases. There’s plenty of food, but not a lot of convenient, ready-to-go items. This could prove to be troublesome since I’m leaving town for three days at the end of the week. Hubs and the kids will be flying solo. We’ll see how that goes.

Total spent month to date: $568

As a reminder: I feed eight people every meal, except for my husbandโ€™s lunches, which he currently eats away from home. We have a separate dining out budget, which we use about once a week. Our target grocery spending for 8 people is $800/month.

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  1. Your AHO box looks to die for this week..

    I didnt do much grocery shopping at all.. I went to Aldi a couple times to get milk and asparagus to ferment… The first pkg of asparagus I got was icky so I took it back & they have a double your purchase guarantee back so I got 2 more pkg of asparagus and they were both great and are in ferment process now. I also got onions, portabella mushroom caps and spent around $8.96 on groceries. They had some garden stuff I got too.

    I went to Costco on Friday and spent just over $200 but less than half of it was food or consumables. I got sodas for m’honey, bleu cheese crumbles, swiss cheese, coffee, a pork loin, cookies, french green beans & butter.. The food part was 82.32. That pork loin will be cut down to make probably 6 meals. I always have to watch myself when I go into Costco.. I can spend a small fortune in there if Im not careful. I did a lot of stocking up on paper goods, foil, foil pans & the like.. just general household items we use that were on sale or had a coupon. I try to keep stocked up on items I know we’ll use.. and better to buy them with a coupon than not.. Every $3 counts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. College girl moved home last week. Experienced a grocery budget bust at the check-out yesterday because college girl was with me. She had made a list; she’s beginning a strict exercise and eating plan tomorrow. Time for me to re-evaluate the grocery budget until August when she moves into her own apartment. Plus the high school girl finishes finals this week and summer begins which means I will have to be sure to have easy lunch foods at the ready. And snacks! Good grief, the snacks.

  3. Harriet says:

    Our grocery budget gets smaller and smaller. This week I only spent around $50. We are struggling to cut all fat from the budget to pay off health care bills.Sort of a forced pantry/freezer challenge. But as of yet, the 4 of us have never gone to bed hungry ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jessica says:

      @Harriet, hang in there! How is your husband feeling?

      • Harriet says:

        @Jessica, Thanks for asking! He goes the end of this week for blood work. It will be sent to CA, quite a long distance from SC. They will test it for markers to see if the chemo is working. We will know in June. The first chemo did not work so we are a little nervous. All in all, he feels OK. He is still able to work, although some days it is a struggle. Again, thank you for remembering and asking ๐Ÿ™‚

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