Grocery Geek: May & the FishMama Trifecta

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grocerygeek-gceMay has always been my very favorite month. It’s my birthday!

It’s also the month of the FishMama Trifecta. Mother’s Day, our anniversary, and my birthday fall within a 15 day period of time. I love it. Not because they make much of me. I’m really a simple girl. At least I am in my old age.

But, for those three days of the month, I get to choose the menu unabashedly in my favor. Hehe. Right now all I can think about is grilled steak and potatoes. I’m not sure I can eat that three times in two weeks. Can I?

So, here we are into May. I did some freezer cooking earlier in the week, so I loaded up on groceries. Here’s how it went down.


costco may week 1

I don’t really shop at a one-stop shopping place. Each of my favorite grocery stores carries vastly different things. Even if I wasn’t searching for the rock bottom price, I’d still be chasing all over town. I’m not sure I like that. Time to figure that one oue.

Costco has great deals on lots of things, but not everything. And yes, be prepared for more trunk or shopping cart photos in the weeks to come. Taking the time to lay it all out on the kitchen table means that my helpers disappear and I’m stuck putting it all away myself.

It’s so much easier to just say, “Carry it in and start unloading.”

At Costco I bought cheese, milk, tortillas, turkey, yogurt, bread, fruit leathers. Lots of it all for freezer cooking, mainly.

Total spent: $123

Trader Joe’s

tj may week one

We headed to Trader Joe’s on date night. Because we’re romantic like that. I got lots more bagels and bread. (Can you tell I don’t have time for baking these days?) I also got a few canned items, nuts, Brie for one of my celebrations, apricots, meat, cereal, chips, and hummus.

The chips and hummus are a comfort food. It’s been a hard week. ‘Nuf said.

Hubby threw in the cheesecake. I decided to go sugar-free this month and see if that helps me reclaim good sleep and energy. I abstained from the cheesecake! That’s worth something right there.

Total spent: $82

Abundant Harvest Organics

aho may week 1

The produce box yielded lots of familiar friends: lemons, parsnips, tomatoes, carrots, strawberries, onions, avocados, chard, lettuce, potatoes, beets. The wild cards were savory and fava beans. Not too sure about those two.

Total spent: $36


sprouts may week one

I got the rest of the stuff for freezer cooking ( pasta, sour cream, onions, chicken) and some apples and bananas at Sprouts.

Total spent: $27

It was definitely a lot of food for the week. I wish I could say that the cupboards were bursting, but they are not. My kids are growing and eating like nobody’s business. Not everything destined for the freezer actually hit the freezer. You can check out the new cooking plan over at Life as MOM tomorrow.

Total spent for the week: $268

As a reminder: I feed eight people every meal, except for my husband’s lunches, which he currently eats away from home. We have a separate dining out budget, which we use about once a week. Our target grocery spending for 8 people is $800/month.

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  1. Jessica, here’s a link to a recipe with fava beans. I haven’t tried it because I’ve never had fresh fava beans, only dried. But I really want to try it! Maybe you’d be interested, too.

  2. Try taking the leaves off the savory stems, lay in a single layer on cookie sheets lined w/paper towels, cover w/paper towels, let dry completely. Savory is known as “Bohnenkraut” or bean herb in German cooking. It is delicious in navy bean soup! Save it for cooler weather and soup season!

  3. I find fava beans are kind of a pain to prepare, but they taste good. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, & Happy Mothers Day! 😉 I hope they’re all spectacular!

    April was a very low household grocery month but I was out of state for 2 weeks and spent more than my fair share at my daughters house on all sorts of things. When I got home, I mostly stocked back up on fresh veggies & fruit.

    I’ve started out May with stocking up mainly and that seems to be the way the plan is going to continue to go for a while in May.
    Yesterday I went to Aldi & got a bottle of wine, an individual serving package of peanuts, a case of mushrooms (white button for .59 each) to dehydrate, onions & strawberries and it cost $16.48 I chopped up the mushrooms to dehydrate & had a glass of wine and decided this was the best inexpensive merlot (Burlwood 2011 which is a E&J Gallo wine) I’ve had since Burlwood 2007. I dont drink a lot of wine or often, but I like what I like and this was fantastic. I went back a few hours later & got a case +1 for my basement. This should last me a couple years, I think. It cost $83.13 which is really cheap cheap cheap @ $5.99 a bottle.
    I have also preordered an order of certified organic chickens(whole & cut up), livers, hearts, soup bones and pork sausage links for the freezer from one of the suppliers for our CSA and I’ll be picking that up next week.. Its gonna cost a pretty penny Im sure. 😉 We’re worth it, I think. I just wish they werent so darned expensive.

  5. I thought I was the only one with a May trifecta! But I got you beat…mine is within 7 days: 11th (anniversary), mother’s day, and 18th (B-day)…Happy Birthday, Anniversary and Mother’s Day!

    • Jessica says:

      Same to you! (Well, some years it’s thirteen days. We got married the day before Mother’s Day. Somehow I never considered that I would someday be a mother! lol)

    • Mine’s more spread out – birthday on the 8th, which some years is the same day as Mother’s Day, and anniversary on 29th – but I’m another trifecta girl. (Hubby passed away several years ago, so no more celebrating that day. :()

  6. Denise says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! It’s nice to see you happy that those three days are in one month… holidays and special occassions, especially a bunch right together just stress me out! And I just wanted to tell you that my husband and I go grocery shopping (including going to Trader Joe’s) on our date night, too. Too funny! ;D Your blog is inspirational.

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