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I confess. I have completely embraced the canning jar craze. My go-to drinking glass is a mason jar, preferably wide-mouth, but since I received a set of these blue Ball jars to review, I’m warming to the standard mouth variety.

Especially since they’re so stinking cool.

I loved them so much, I went ahead and ordered a dozen more on Amazon. These limited-edition Heritage Collection Pint Jars commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Ball brothers’ Perfect Mason Jar. When they’re gone, they’re gone. So, if you think you want some, get them now.

Lynn found them at Target. My Target doesn’t have them. Check yours.

Canning and me go way back.

To my credit, I’ve have a collection of canning jars for about fifteen years.  When we lived in the country out on two acres of weeds and fruit trees in Paso Robles, CA, I taught myself to can. Though my Gramma John and many aunts and cousins all put up food every year, my mom never did, so I never learned. Until I was 26 or 27 and I taught myself to make jam. I made olallieberry jam every year until we moved.

I thought for sure I’d have plentiful opportunities to can while living in Kansas City. But, no. We lived in the ‘burbs. And in five years I never found a good and cheap source of produce.

Once we moved back to California, I started canning again. I think this is funny, actually, since one would think that the midwest would be a bigger market than the west coast for such a thing. Anywho, I’ve made batches and batches of homemade jam since coming home.

pomegranate canning equipment

One year it was strawberry, plum and nectarine jams. The next year it was Pomegranate Jelly. So, so good!

Last year I went whole hog. Whole hog, I tell you. I was a canning fiend last year. I made batches upon batches of aprium jam, cherry jam, plum jam, apple butter, and dill pickles.

On Mother’s Day, I cracked open the last jar of aprium jam. Love it. It’s like sunshine in a jar.

This week, we got ten pounds of apriums and I know what we’re going to do with them! In fact, you can guess what the better portion of my day is going to entail. The apriums (a cross between an apricot and a plum) arrived badly bruised so we need to use them up quickly before they spoil. It’s made me nervous since the day they arrived. My plan is to try them in juice, but also to make lots and lots of jam.

Ferb, I know what we’re going to do today.

Not only do I have my handy blue jars, but I also have two editions of the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving, preservation guides that show you all the steps of canning. I love their step by step instructions and illustrations. It is a great refresher when I’m a little out of practice.

I bought one copy years ago; I learned to can from that book. The other copy I bought last year. Both work well. The newer version has some updated recipes and a different format for measuring pectin. The older has tried and true recipes that I love.

ball giveaway package

Along with the jars, Ball also sent me the Ball Home Canning Discovery Kit. I have two canners in different sizes as well as the racks that go with them. What I like about the discovery kit is that it transforms any pot into a canner. It looks perfect for making small batches of jam. It will also store a little more easily and compactly than my traditional canners.

Win a set of blue jars and a Ball Home Canning Discovery Kit.

I have really loved the pleasure of opening home canned foods. Not only is it simply satisfying from a self-sufficiency stand point, but it also is so tasty! I’m excited that I can share the love with you.

One Good Cheap Eats reader will receive a set of Heritage Collection Pint Jars as well as a Ball Home Canning Discovery Kit.

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  1. Laura C says:

    My Bed Bath and Beyond has them too. I actually got some on clearance ($3 a package instead of $12) b/c the package had been ripped and taped back together. Jars were fine. Total score!!!

  2. Jessica, are you going to add a sugar subsitute to your jam this year?

  3. Love it! I would love the kit! I have canned once before and made the yummiest spice pear jam, but I had to borrow a friend’s canning gear to do it. I love the idea of using any pot for canning.

  4. I LOVE these jars, they just make me happy. I requested them for Mother’s Day and was delighted. My husband found them at King Soopers (Kroger) here. I haven’t done canning, because I haven’t found a source for economical produce in bulk, but even so, I am a jar-a-holic. Love to use jars for anything and everything.

  5. I started canning last year, a few odds and ends, and lots and lots of tomatoes. I was thrilled to not need commercially canned tomatoes at all this year, and I still have a bunch left. So empowering!

    I made some apple cider jelly and some concord grape jam, but I want to try other jams and jellies this summer.

  6. I clicked on the link to see what the kit was, and I wish I had found it last year! Such a great idea. I tried canning tomatoes years ago, but didn’t de-seed them well, and really was afraid to eat them! But after reading your adventures in canning, and discovering the book, Food in Jars, I tried again. My husband has requested I do pickles again for sure, and I made a tomato sauce that I have used sparingly, as it is the best I’ve ever had!

    I will try some new jams, and who knows what other adventures I will have. Thanks for getting me back on the canning wagon. And my grandma canned grape jelly and other things, I’m sure, but I wasn’t taught, either; I will be changing that with my kids, starting this summer!

  7. Emily T. says:

    Jessica, my experience with canning mirrors yours! I grew up with a canning fiend for a mom, but didn’t try out canning on my own until I was living in Saint Louis. I canned some applesauce and a batch of jam one year. But after moving back to CA, I have been canning away! Last year, I canned a lot of pickles and jams–way too many. How many jars of pickles can one family eat?! Especially different–non-cucumber pickles! I did do a few batches of crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce last year, but not nearly enough. So this year, I am going to focus on tomatoes and cucumber pickles with just a few other things thrown in fun. Thanks for the opportunity of the give away. 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      @Emily T., I’m with you on limiting the experiments. My family wouldn’t try the kimchi or the zucchini pickles I made. Now I know better.

  8. Gail champagne says:

    Jessica a great pectin to use and that has recipes for honey sweetened or even sweetener jam is Pomona’s universal pectin. It uses less sugar for the jams and jellies. It even has a great recipe for jiggles to eat. You can buy it from amazon too. Happy canning

  9. I ordered from Ace Hardware who will ship to store for free so 10.99 a box. When I looked on amazon a month or two ago they were 2x that pric….e so score Jessica!

  10. I have most of my mother’s canning supplies but have never canned anything by myself. You’ve given me the motivation to pick up what I need and start to learn to be self sufficient. Thanks for a wonderful and inspiring post.

  11. Shannon M. says:

    I’m so excited to try canning this year. We’ve recently returned from being abroad and were in tight quarters. I’ve always loved new projects and this seems like my summer will be learning a new craft. Yeah!

  12. Have you purchased a pressure canner yet? Your world will blow right open I tell you!

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