Meal Planning for the Week

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When I get out of the habit of monthly meal planning and then go back to it, I’m always surprised at why I would ever want to veer from it. It makes my life so easy!

Since I built this month’s menu based on things I mostly already have on hand or things that I know are cheap and easy to obtain, making dinner has been pretty darn simple.

Here’s the meal plan for the week ahead:

grilled chicken dinner couscous green beans

Grilled Chicken, Couscous, Salad, Homemade Pita Breads or Rolls

Poorman's Chicken Caesar Salad
Manicotti, Caesar Salad, Bread

Chicken Gumbo
Chicken Gumbo, Rolls or Cornbread

grilled chimichangas sm
Burritos, Fruit Salad

Beans and Rice
Beans and Rice

Basil Chicken Pizza
Pizza NightVeggie Dippers

full breakfast
Breakfast for Supper

That’s my week.

What are YOU having?

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  1. It’s been a bit hectic the past few weeks. Getting better now! Here’s the menu for the week. I’m looking forward to this nice weather we’re going to have all week. Turning off the heater and saving some cash for the next few months will be nice. That is until it gets hot and humid!

  2. I’m still getting into the swing of meal planning after going back to work part time a few months ago. It sounds so terrible, but I need to just start copycatting someone’s meal plans *ahem Jessica ahem*. It’s what we like to eat, and I just wrack my brains trying to plan when I could be working smarter, not harder.


  3. I love your encouragement! I’m starting a personal weight loss program but still have to plan for my family. This is informative and inspiring!

  4. Charity L. says:

    I just finished my monthly meal plan yesterday. Really does help!
    I am looking forward to my making my mom’s beef stroganoff this week!

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