Meal Plan for the Bridge Week

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I call this the Bridge week. It’s halfway in April and halfway in May. I didn’t plan my month’s meal plan to extend into this week, and I haven’t yet done my freezer cooking for next month. So, I find myself on the bridge, so to speak between one place and another.

Since we’re recovering from survival mode, I want us to have a nice transition back to reality. As I mentioned yesterday, I cleaned out the fridge, reorganized the pantry, and topped us off for groceries. Later this week I’ll inventory the freezer and make a plan for freezer meals.

Part of my method to get back on track was also to plan a 3×7 meal plan for the week as well as do some kitchen prep to get us going. I used this approach to weekly kitchen meal prep. It takes a big push of energy but I’m so glad when I’m done.

Forget the fact that it disappears in a flash. At least I can say I fed them. Once.

Here’s the meal plan for the week:

weekly meal plan on computer


Super Easy Veggie Tray


Brats Hot dogs


What are YOU having?

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    My menu is listed above. I have to work out the Menu for May as well, it’s on my to do list this week. The past two weekends I did a lot of freezer cooking (well my version of it anyway). I cooked and froze black beans, pinto beans (hand blender to make them into (not) refried beans), made a huge batch of pasta sauce for pizzas and spaghetti, and cleaned out a ton of frozen bananas and made banana bread. Phew! This coming weekend I can make something more important since everything else is done….a new dessert!

  2. This week we’re having: (not necessarily in this order)

    Chicken Fried Steak with mashed potatoes, gravy, & something green
    Chicken Livers & Onions with baked potato & something green
    Crock Pot Rotisserie-like Chicken with egg noodles for my man & garlicy carrots
    Chicken enchiladas (w leftover crockpot chicken) with Mexican fried rice
    & Beef Tips in Red Wine gravy with garlic mashed tators & asparagus

  3. BBQ, tamales, salad and spaghetti, Creamy 13 bean with polish sausage soup, fish, and I can’t remember what I put down for this weekend.

    The soups new to the menu, I wanted to try a bean soup. Thankfully, it uses some (overly smoky venison) polish sausage as well.

    I have the entire month of May’s menu already written up. And by the end of the month I should be out of venison! shh don’t tell my BIL.

  4. I’m just wondering if you created your meal plan calendar or if you got it off of a website?

    Thanks much!

  5. We’re having Chicken Biryani this week… it’s an Indian / Pakistani rice dish, so good! There’s a local place we go to that has it, and now I’ve recreated it at home. I put basmati rice in the rice cooker with a drained can of diced tomatoes, diced yellow onion and chopped bell pepper, then I add a bunch of curry powder and/or curry paste [to taste] to the water for the rice and pour that in, then I let the rice cooker do the work (oh, and don’t forget a little salt). For the chicken part I roast a whole chicken, sprinkled with a little curry powder, salt and pepper. This is super easy and so tasty (just like our local Pakistani restaurant), and then I have the leftover chicken for stock/chicken soup. I love your method of making chicken stock in the crock pot! I serve this with a super simple salad of cucumbers and red onions, and when I have time, I make naan using Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in 5 Minutes a Day (just take a small ball and roll out Into an oval or slipper shape, toss on a pizza stone in a 450 degree F oven until golden brown, when it comes out, brush it with a little melted butter) and serve that with store-bought mango chutney. Anyways, it’s awesome, my kids even love it, and I’m looking forward to having the leftovers I saved in the freezer for lunch today. I love your blog!! I have a question though… I thought I was up to date on your blog, but you said you’re recovering from survival mode? Huh? What’s survival mode? Sorry if you explained already and I missed it. Have a great day!

  6. Oh, and I just recreated your cool meal plan chart in Google Drive as a spreadsheet. In the past I’ve just had a list of meals that we have all the ingredients on hand for, then I would decide each morning what we’re having that day. Now I’m trying it your way. 😀

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