Grocery Geek: Into April

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grocerygeek-gceThis month, I’ve already got my meals planned based on things we already have. We’ll need milk and eggs and dairy, and I’m sure a multitude of random things that I haven’t thought of, but I’m hoping we can glide through the month.

It’s a full month with hockey, school, and deadlines. I ain’t got time to mess around.

Thus, I didn’t do too much grocery shopping this week. My recent freezer cooking session was done before the new month started, so basically March’s shopping has paid for part of April’s breakfasts. In fact, the previous weeks’ shopping held plenty of meals that I hadn’t gotten to for one reason or the other, so we’ve been okay.

Here’s how the shopping broke down:

Abundant Harvest Organics

aho april


I love the box from Abundant Harvest Organics. It’s always a fun surprise to see what the box holds. I know that cherries and apricots are just around the corner, so I am getting a little excited.

This week’s box held spinach, oranges, lettuce, kale, fennel, asparagus, chamomile, broccoli, beets, apples, potatoes, and carrots — all great stuff!

Total spent: $37

Ralphs and Sprouts

ralphs and sprouts april


For whatever reason, I didn’t get a great pic. The milk and meat got put away before I got a chance to snap a picture. I got baking ingredients, a clearance box of cereal, milk, and sale chicken and beef.

Total spent: $25


vons april

I thought that I had these items in stock, but no. So, I made a quick trip to Vons for them.

Total spent: $5

So far this month, I’ve spent $67 on our groceries. That’s pretty amazing, after several months of going a tad over. Of course, this is only the end of week one, but here’s hoping the trend sticks.

MTD grocery spending: $67


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  1. Love seeing the photos of the produce box. Winter still has its grip on us here in Michigan, but I know our CSA will start delivering the end of next month. And we are in the middle of a kitchen renovation. No freezer stash = lots of restaurant meals. We’ll be thrilled when we are on the other side of this project. But in the meantime, I am anxious and stressed.

    • Hang in there. We did a kitchen remodel in the summer. Even though we cooked on the camp stove on the front porch, it was still hard. It will be fun at the end!

  2. Patricia says:

    You know since I’ve started keeping track of your shopping, I’ve become a very saavy shopper myself (or at least I like to think so)… every two weeks the village senior center has a bus that goes to Walmart – I always need “something” there (read yarn, catfood, sewing or craft supplies) but lately I’ve been wandering over to their grocery megastore area… last Tuesday I happened to notice that they take all their super sale meats and put them on the top shelf – I snagged two HUGE pork chops over 2 lbs of pork for only $3.40 and two beautiful “thickish” rib eye steaks for $5.00. The steaks I will use to make two small roasts which will be three meals each for me with potatoes and carrots and sale asparagus… the pork chops will be baked individually and will also give me “leftover” meals which means for $8.40 I got over 12 meals worth of meat for this month’s menu. After figuring the sale asparagus, 5-lb of yukon gold potatoes and strawberries I spent less than $20. I can’t wait to go back and see what else they have. Yesterday I cleaned out my freezer and realize that I don’t need any more meats for this month, I’m loaded with foods in there. Even have frozen homemade corn chowder. I need to begin baking rolls and muffins as I have plenty of cornmeal and flour that needs to be used up. I saw in an article that Walmart’s brand white and brown rice was listed as excellent – so the next trip I’ll pick up 3 small bags of each (my W’s doesn’t sell the big one)… I’ve also fallen in love with a “new” brand of oatmeal – 5-6 packets in each container and they are healthy and cheap – I add extra peaches and mashed banana or strawberries when I cook them – and only cost about $1.50 for a box (BetterOats) – and I’ve found them on sale for $1.34 – now if only they had coupons. Off to pop my free natural organic turkey breast into the oven (spend so much at my supermarket and you get it free) – then make scalloped potatoes and ham – food for the week – food from the “gods”…

  3. Well so far this month I’ve spent $41.50 at the local bulk food store. 50lbs of flour(19.50), 1 gal vinegar, poppy seeds, sea salt, yeast, black beans and a 13 bean mix. Oh and I bought 5 donuts at a bakery for $3.40. Tomorrow is my shopping trip for the week and my needs are slim, lettuce and salad fixing, fruit and bread.

  4. kelly d says:

    well if i go over budget, i have you to blame…i have been keeping my eye out for talenti gelato ever since you mentioned it!!yum!!!my kroger and walmart just started carrying this week its on sale(3.99) so i want to stock up!!!i might have to get all the flavors!!lol

  5. How much is your WW Pastry flour? I often like to have it on hand but it was $7 so I couldn’t justify it today. We try and stick to $300 for three of us, plus I am breastfeeding our new addition.

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