Grocery Geek: Convenience, Please

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grocerygeek-gce This week flew by quickly. I didn’t really think about grocery shopping, it just kind of happened to me.

Wednesday I took a true and verifiable sick day when I awoke with some weird vertigo. I didn’t turn on my computer. The kids had a mellow school day. They fended for themselves. I watched Pride & Prejudice (the Keira Knightley version, in case you were wondering).

I had a few appointments to keep that afternoon. On my way home I went to Trader Joe’s and bought every convenience item I could think about. It was just one of those days. I knew next week will be busy and this load of groceries will stem the tide of hunger pains that we are bound to experience.

Here’s how I shopped, with convenience in mind this week:


groceries at sprouts

At Sprouts, I picked up salsa fixings, some eggs, pork, and strawberries. Nothing major, but what we needed based on what was on sale.

Total spent: $13

Trader Joe’s

groceries at tj

The cart at Trader Joe’s was absolutely full. I stocked up on easy meals, partly because I wasn’t feeling good at the time, partly because I knew we’re going into a few busy days.

Total spent $130

groceries aho

The produce box was full of goodness, including the first tomatoes of the season! They have been yum so far, especially with a bit of salt, and definitely better than the ones I bought at Sprouts earlier in the week.

Total spent $36.


groceries ralphs


I knew I would be gone most of Saturday, so I bought meal fixings that would be easy for the hubs and kids. I also found lots of marked down items. Coffee was on sale ($6.99/package) as were the Doritos. I figured they’re probably going to eat junk while I’m gone anyway, so I might as well get the credit for the “fun food”. I’m dying to open the bag myself!

Total spent: $70

This week’s groceries were more processed and convenient than is typically normal, but I’m okay with that. Sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do.

Total spent this week: $249

MTD grocery spending: $587

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  1. I love your grocery geek posts! Sometimes I get a little discouraged on how to feed my growing family inexpensively but while still focusing on healthy, whole foods for the bulk of our meals. You give me so much encouragement and good ideas through your posts. And I love that while you are still on a budget, you know you have to be flexible and you choose to spend a little more for organic, gmo free foods. The miser in me needs that reminder sometimes! Quality is a factor when considering price!

  2. While I am very comfortable paying the extra for hormone free and organic, I struggle with the balance between price and convenience. The older I get though, the more I realize that sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get through the week. It is not about striving for perfection. It is about getting it right more often than not while maintaining a good humor and enjoying your life, family and friends.

  3. Love your honesty and just your ‘realness’. Hope you are feeling better!

    • @debbie, Awww, thank you. Yes, on the mend. I think I’m perimenopausal as well as a hypochondriac. Makes for an interesting combination.

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