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From Garbage to Gourmet

Believe it or not, most of us waste up to 25% of the food we buy. Scary, huh? Can you imagine cutting your grocery bill by 25% just by making sure you use up what you have. The Pantry Challenge is one such effort to help you do that.

This new ebook from my friend Carrie is another. From Garbage to Gourmet helps you think creatively about how you shop, store, and serve food so that you waste less and want not. I love how Carrie methodically analyzes a host of ingredients and provides you with the knowledge (and the recipes) to make the most of them.

Today and tomorrow, From Garbage to Gourmet is available for half off its regular price. You can get your copy for $4.99.

I’ve known Carrie for several years and our food journeys have been similar. We’ve both been working over the past few years to cook great food with fewer processed ingredients and just as much great flavor.

If you’re looking for fresh inspiration in the kitchen to help you save more, this book would be it.

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  1. Patricia says:

    Just purchased this book, it looks like something I can really use. thanks for the “heads-up” – I’m retired and live on a fixed inome so this will really come in handy to help me eliminate the waste I see weekly when I put out the trash.

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