Grocery Geek: March’s End

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grocerygeek-gceHow did March disappear so quickly? I am stunned that April starts next week. I must be old.

Life is plugging along here. The week’s vacation has been awesome. I cleaned out the garage, didn’t suck too bad on TV, and got some of my fun work done. I caught up with friends on the phone, had a tea party with my girls, and had a nice date with my hubby.

I also went grocery shopping. I didn’t realize I had done so much. We’ve hardly made a dent in it, so we’re set going into next month as well. Thank goodness.

Here’s how the shopping broke down:


costco march end

I went to Costco with my eldest son early on Saturday morning. We got there when they opened and were back out in 35 minutes. That’s my kind of Costco shopping!

I bought fruit leathers, cheese, milk, half and half, tortillas, awesome organic strawberries, bread, bagels, turkey, butter, olives, and booty.

Total spent: $124


ralphs march end

I took my littles with me to Ralphs on Sunday. Costco just didn’t have everything I needed. I found some great markdowns as well as sale items that helped stock us into next month. Since the pricing at Ralph’s can be so fascinating and give you a good comparison nationwide, here’s the breakdown:

flour $2/bag
marked down bread $0.69/bag
ziploc bags $.79
organic celery $1.99
wasabi powder $4.29
sliced almonds $2.19
tortillas $1.99
organic bell pepper $1.50
cilantro $0.99
scallions $1.29
marked down lettuce leaves $1.99
eggs $3.19
chips $1.99
water crackers $0.65
sour cream $1.49
pinto beans $1.89

Total spent: $58

Abundant Harvest Organics

produce box


The produce box contained apples, shallots, leeks, daikon radish, broccoli di cicco, artichokes, asparagus, endive, green garlic, cabbage, and cauliflower.

Total spent $37

Trader Joe’s

trader joes


Trader Joe’s isn’t super close to the house, so when we’re remotely near it, I try to stop and get a few things. This time that was nuts, mint, crackers, rice cakes, eggs, bread, avocado, sun butter, cream cheese, and cereal.

Total spent $40

Total spent this week – $259

Total spent in March – $954

I went over my regular monthly goal of $800. I’m not thrilled about that. But, I know that my crazy diet early this month was partially responsible as was buying ahead into next month.

January $451
February $1028
March $954

Yearly average: $811

Looking at the year as a whole always helps. So far this year, we’re averaging closer to our goal. Food costs have gone up, and I’ve been buying things that aren’t exactly necessities. We’ve also eaten out far less, so it’s all working out.

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  1. I enjoy your grocery geek each week. It is interesting to compare prices from coast to coast. East coast here. We are getting a trader Joes in the fall & i am super excited! Your post give me a view of things i could be getting.

  2. I think you really did great overall.. Yes that eating clean can drive the grocery bill up a little bit, especially if you dont have your pantry stocked with some of those items..

    I’ve spent a lot of cash this month for just the two of us.. $574.81, but I stocked up on olive oils, pecans, about 50 pounds of grass fed beef, 10# of chicken breasts, 3 corned beef briskets, & 2 pork tenderloins, a half gallon of maple syrup, farm eggs, lots of organic & regular butter, 2 large pkg of oatmeal (costco) and quite a few jars of marinated olives, mushrooms & artichokes, oranges, bananas, and many other veggies for juicing. I guess all told, I got some great deals.

    I had a ham & cornish hens in the freezer that we’ll eat tomorrow and the only things I had to buy for a family Easter dinner was rolls, asparagus, and chocolate graham crackers for a peanut buttery graham cracker desert.
    Thats my kind of shopping trip for a holiday meal. 🙂

    I’ll be out of state for 2 weeks the first 2 weeks of April and I dont know what the state of frig/pantry is where Im going so who knows how much I’ll be spending. My daughter had granddaughter #2 last Saturday so Im off to play Thrilled Grandma for a while.. 🙂 Im looking forward to it.. The pantry at home is stocked overflowing.

    Happy Easter to you & yours! Lots of blessings!

  3. We love those fruit leathers from Costco… although ours has been out of stock since last spring. Your post has me hopeful we might see them there again soon!

  4. last month I spent about $300 on food if not just under. Not bad for a family of 4.

    Still working on cleaning the meat out of the freezer and also using some of my home caned food.

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