Pantry Challenge Link Up #3

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As you know, I’m “eating down the pantry” this month to save money and be a better steward of what we have. Every day I’m blogging how we’re eating and cooking as a family. And I do mean “we.” My four oldest children are responsible to be chief cook one night a week.

You can read through my past week and how the challenge has gone for us here.

This is the second of four link-ups where you can tell us how the challenge is going for you. If you’ve blogged your update, leave the link below, being sure to link back to Good Cheap Eats in the content of your post. If you just want to share your experience in the comments, please do!

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  1. We are making it. After last week of struggle we persevered. We actually made 2 straight nights of really good freezer meals and my zest has renewed. Ready to take on the last 2 weeks.

  2. It’s going well, even with sickness sweeping through. So happy that I had a plan and canned soup on the worst days. I did make the bread and my husband pepped up about all the “wet” food. I’ll have to remember that in the future, fresh baked bread = instant happiness. Had to buy meat and other perishables yesterday. My husband has been very happy with the re-heatable lunches I’ve been sending with him. He’s not a fan of the traditional cold lunch. Brown bag burritos and Pizza pockets from . The kids were going crazy for snack food so I gave in and bought string cheese and will try making granola bars this week. All my experiments have been successfull so far.

  3. The good news is that my freezer actually has some room in it.. but the bad news is that my frig is overflowing with stuff that needs to go in the freezer. I need to bag up a bunch of tamales in individual portion size bags and get them in the freezer.
    I went to Aldi yesterday to pick up milk, eggs, & bread and bought all sorts of truly unneeded stuff . I found butter for $1.79 a pound so I bought 4# for the freezer and a whole chicken that’ll become a couple meals this week. I probably should go back & buy more butter since this is a great price..and I just cant walk past a deal like this. I’ll wait a couple days so hopefully the deep freeze we’re in will ease up some.

    • Heather M says:

      @KimH, Did you make tamales? I love them, but have never tried… And, yeah, that is a great price on butter! I understand!

      • @Heather M, No, I didnt make them. M’honey took me on a Surprise Run About to my fovorite Mexican store on Saturday. They make huge pots of them (many hundreds) every Saturday. I almost always have them in my freezer.

        I’ve made them several times but its a long drawn out process. Its not really, but it sure seems like it. 😉
        Its work, either way. Its one of those things that would be easier with 2 or 3 hands to stand beside you and do an assembly line.

  4. Well, we’re getting there! We have eaten a lot out of our freezer and pantry and have also saved some money at the store.

    Ever since the conversation a few weeks ago about hoarding food, I’ve been thinking about it. My conclusion: our family does not hoard food, but we do need your pantry challenges to keep us focussed on using our blessings. So thanks for hosting!

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