Pantry Challenge Day 22: Quick Day

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This is Day 22 of my month-long Pantry Challenge series  where we’re eating down the pantry (and freezer and fridge) to use up what we have, rotate stock, and save some cash. Today went by in a flash.

I don’t know why, but the day went by in a flash. This Pantry Challenge update will be quick as well. Today was a day for running around. Two kids had science class and were gone all day, so we made sure to get up and at ’em pretty early.

I laid out a Breakfast Bar first thing and then headed upstairs to get ready. Choices included: granola, yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal, berries from the freezer, oranges and cranberry bread. We’re in a lovely stage where everyone can serve himself and/or help the littler ones. Moms of littles, take heart!

I loved my Berry Granola Parfait. So, so good.

For lunch, we had a combination of snacky lunch/leftovers.

Dinnertime featured a pizza for the kids — easy to do with that 5-Minute Artisan dough in the fridge.

Hubs and I went out for date night. We tried a new place that had “Man Candy” on the menu. It’s sweet and spicy bacon. We bought an order to bring home to the kids. It met with mixed reviews. I’m contemplating doing some recipe testing. Stay tuned.

See? That day went by in a flash.

Day 22 Menus

Breakfast: Breakfast Bar
Lunch: Leftovers/Snacky Lunch
Dinner: Pizza for kids/Date night for parents

How did Day 22 go for YOU?

This post is part of a month-long Pantry Challenge series. You can read more about my goals for the challenge here.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I’m wondering if the bowl in your photo is from a set – I love the pattern and it has all the colors we use in our dining room, plus has a rosemaling-feel to it (our heritage is Swedish and we have several rosemaling pieces).

    I enjoy reading your blog!

    • @AlysonRR, yes, it is from Nancy Calhoun’s Francesca set. It was what we chose when we got married.

      • @Jessica, Thanks! We retired our wedding pottery after about 10 years (it was a dated and holiday-limiting color – bright blue!) and have been using all white dishes (generic from Target, Ikea, wherever) for the last fifteen years. I like adding in a few colored pieces, too, and this pattern really ticks a lot of boxes for our style 🙂

  2. Heather M says:

    Jan. 22: another solid day. Kids home from school for a teacher work day, hubs at work. 1yo was off with a friend most of the day.

    Breakfast: banana muffins/cereal/slept in, depending on who
    Lunch: Leftovers for hubby at work, son was gone, and the other 2 of us had nachos and fruit.
    Dinner: Cuban black beans and rice (black beans- pantry + bell pepper, onion, etc; rice- leftover from Friday); big salad(last of the leftover lettuce from 12 days ago, that last bag was in pretty good shape! also, tons of chopped veggies); 11yo is growing like mad and demands extra protein to fill him up. I scrounged through the freezer and found some leftover chicken nuggets for him, something we rarely have, and also some breaded fish, which we all had a little of. They are gone from the freezer. That is success.

    Will have to get some more fresh items this week. Wanted to wait until Friday, but they claim snow Friday. That means by tomorrow(thurs) this town will go bonkers at the grocery stores and will clean them out. Even though it’s only a one day event and the temps will be above freezing by Sunday and beyond. Silly. But that means I might have to go today to purchase what I want, and to make it into a parking lot. Really, it’s that bad around here. I want to skip it, but then we’ll be out of milk, lettuce, carrots, etc. Staples in our house.

  3. Your petit dejeuner the other morning triggered a desire for some “paino” (pain au chocolat) but I didn’t have any and was not willing to go purchase some. However, I did recall I had a couple of mini croissants in the freezer so I went digging. Good thing I baked them up, as they were getting a little freezer burned. The little spread of Nutella over the top totally took care of that for me. 🙂 While Nutella was an Italian product, I first experienced it in France, so that was my best attempt at a French breakfast. Yum. 100% of the day’s food came already-in-the-house.

    Breakfast: croissants with nutella
    Lunch: L/O spicy Cajun rice, red beans, cornbread
    Dinner: honey garlic pork, brown rice, Normandy blend veggies
    Dessert: turtle pie

    While running errands yesterday, I ended up next to a grocery store. Danger, Will Robinson! Deciding that I really wanted some yogurt and fresh produce, we needed milk and eggs, and the kid wanted me to use my rain check for his chocolate Special K cereal before it expired, I gave in and went shopping. I still kept it very limited, but I’m now up to having spent 35% of the monthly grocery budget. I was really hoping to keep it around 20%. Bummer. I know this wasn’t a No Spend challenge for you, but I was trying to incorporate that on my side. Then again, saving 65% is miles better than going over budget, so I don’t know why I’m so disappointed.

  4. Moving right along.. making progress.. Items are disappearing from my freezer left & right.. I’ve even cleaned out a bit from my regular pantry too.. This is good! Now if I could just get it organized to my liking. 😉

    I had oatmeal with honey & coffee for breakfast, cauliflower bisque from the freezer and 1 tamale from the frig for lunch, and we all had turkey tetrazinni from the freezer (Pioneer Womans recipe.. YUM!( and garlic bread from the freezer too.

    If you’ve never had tetrazinni, I encourage you to try it. I havent had it in years & years & this was soo good! I food-savered half of the batch when I originally made it and Im so glad I did. It hit the spot and was a great quick meal. I just added a cup of milk & a half cup of cream when I put it in the oven to bake the second time.

    Snacks were oranges, bananas, coconut macaroons & avocado corn chips.. :-O

    • @KimH, I actually made that tetrazzini (with minor mods) after Thanksgiving and froze half. The original ended up being a little dry after it baked, so I was wondering how to moisten it up when I baked the other pan. I’m planning to use it next week since I have some days I will be on the road all day and want to just heat and eat without much effort when I get home. Did you just pour the milk over the top? That didn’t make the bread crumbs funky? Do you think broth would work or does it need the creaminess?

      • @Sandi, I think either would be fine.. I just used milk & H&H because I wanted the creaminess to jump out again.. and yes, I just poured it on top & kind of moved the noodles around so it was well distributed.
        I didnt use breadcrumbs in mine but you could just toss a few more on top if you like.. and it’ll bake like you’re making the original recipe. She (PW) did say it might be a little dry so to add more liquid if you want yours creamier. I did and the one we had for dinner then was great but I could tell this one was gonna be on the drier side… so just added more liquid. It was perfect.

  5. Breakfast-same things, different day
    Lunch-all packed lunches (I packed salads for bottomless pit and myself. Mine had tuna with it. He had pizza.)
    Supper-Scrambled eggs, fruit, turkey bacon and fried potatoes

    It is really cold here (for us). I wanted to make potato soup for supper but decided this might be a tad healthier.

    My kids are going with the church for a weekend retreat. Hubs and I will be all alone this weekend. Do I really have to cook? Can’t we eat out since it will be way cheaper with just us 2 and not 5? I need some justification.

  6. We make bacon like that sometimes. Just press brown sugar on top and sprinkle with cayenne. Bake in oven on parchment lined cookie sheet until done. Everyone loves it!

  7. We’ve been making a lot of 5 min artisan bread too. However, the dough I pulled out of the freezer, didn’t rise nearly as well as the fresh batch. Is that normal?

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