Meal Planning: Last Week of School for 2012

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Despite my best intentions, this month of school has not been stellar. Illnesses have plagued us. So much so that we postponed our trip to visit the grandparents. Instead, we hunkered down at home this weekend and tried to recuperate.

Kinda threw my meal planning off…. We did make tamales, but not enough to hold us over until Spring. We’ll have to bust out the masa again this week.

So, here we are with a do-over for the week:

What’s for dinner at YOUR house this week?

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    There’s my plan for the week. I did have one last week but I felt so awful. I used my energy to do the absolute minimum of house cleaning/degermifying last weekend. Going to make a new recipe, tiramisu cupcakes, for our work party. I hope it turns out good I’m always nervous making something new.

  2. Ok, LOVE that quote, “we did make tamales, but not enough to hold us over until Spring.” We are right there with ya…….have a relaxing vacation and a blessed 2013.

  3. I love lose to see photos of you & your family making tamales… I sooo dont have any desire to make them.. only eat them. 😉

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