Grocery Geek: Starting December

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As I reported last week, we went over budget in November, but the average is still holding strong at just a smidgen over $800/month to feed our family of eight. This month I have lots of freezer meals still at my disposal from last month, so that is a help.

I did a full holiday baking session earlier this week which has us set for desserts and some breakfasts for the month. If you’re interested in a full day of baking that should yield nine types of cookies, three loaves of bread, 18 cinnamon rolls, at least a dozen scones, a cheesecake, two muffin mixes, and a partridge in a pear tree, then head over here to download the cooking plan.

It’s been an incredibly trying week, so I’m not sure where we’ll end up in the next three weeks. So, I’m cutting myself lots and lots of slack in the kitchen department. I don’t think we’ll go too crazy, but I’m giving myself permission to relax a little.

As for the shopping, well, here’s the lowdown:

Walmart and Vons

Walmart’s my place for basics when I don’t know of a great sale elsewhere. I stocked up on noodles, beans, and ingredients for the baking plan. I scored major bigtime when I found cranberries for 49 cents a bag. Oh yes, yes, I did. See? Proof.

I bought eight bags and threw them in the freezer. I think we’re good until next winter now.

I needed Brie to make SamWiches, so I had to go to Vons as well because my Walmart does not sell Brie. Tragedy. They also had some sale meats.

Total spent $ 86


Sprouts, the store formerly known as Henry’s, is my go-to for fresh fruit and veg. Whatever’s NOT coming in the produce box in the following week, I pick up at Sprouts. I got green onions, avocados, cuties, carrots, mushrooms, tomato, limes, grapefruit, bananas, bread, oats, and pretzels

Total spent: $32

Abundant Harvest Organics

The box was heavy and full this week. My collection of squash overfloweth. I think I’ve got eight piled up in the pantry. Box contents included: beets, mint, spinach, romaine, mustard spinach, red onions, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, broccoli, fennel, oranges, Napa cabbage, apples, and yes, late fall plums, believe it or not.

I’m hesitant to take any vacation weeks from the produce box because they will be closed two weeks in a row for Christmas and New Year’s. I think we’ll eat squash those weeks. 😉

Total spent: $36


Hubs cruised through Costco for me to get milk, cheese, half and half, cream, turkey, bagels, beans, and tortillas.

Total spent: $97*

*I don’t have the man’s receipt, so I’m not sure if he got other things or cash back. This might get adjusted next week after I have a chance to interrogate inquire.

Total spent this week $251

Spent Month-to-Date : $251

Until next time, this is Grocery Geek reporting in.

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  1. I am sorry it was a trying week. Give yourself the gift, this season, of grace.

  2. There you go with that poor old Partridge again. Lol!.I think he wants the cookies. Everything sounds really good. I saw the cookie photo on another post. I Love cookies, so I have to watch it or I will weigh in like Big Bird. The dough would be great to freeze half and baker half, wouldn’t it? That way we could have sweet comfort food all year long.( and with hot chocolate) I guess that’s why we have friends and family, so they can share the calories and the mouthwatering goodness.. Don’t you just hate people who have high metabolisms and can eat anything they want without getting fat? Oh well.

  3. By the way, I think you should hire yourself out as a “Foodie Frugalista”. You could teach people who haven’t a clue about buying groceries and for a fee do their shopping for them. You know, people who have more money than brains. A lot of people don’t want to brave the Supermarkets around the Holidays.

  4. Haha–I laughed at I don’t have the man’s receipt, so I’m not sure if he got other things or cash back. This might get adjusted next week after I have a chance to interrogate inquire” Too funny and something that sounds like it would happy to me. How did it go? *wink* Merry Christmas. I sure do enjoy your blog. Thanks for the taking the time to write it. Renea
    Des Moines, Iowa

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