Thanksgiving Prep: Make Your Potatoes in Advance

The mashed potatoes are one of my family’s very favorite parts of the Thanksgiving meal. But, they are such a pain! Pots full of hot water, mashing to be done, it’s such a pain.

So, mashing potatoes in advance is the only way to go.

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  1. We love our mashed potatoes, too. For several years I have been making this dish in my slowcooker. I use vegetable broth (we are primarily vegetarian in my family), garlic, and Yukon Gold potatoes. You leave the skins on, and just mash them after the cooking is completed. I think red potatoes would work this way also.

  2. “So, mashing potatoes is the only way to go.” Did you mean freezing? I’m a little confused about your point if you didn’t mean freezing.

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