Thanksgiving Prep: How to Cook a Turkey

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The jury is still out on whether or not we’ll be having turkey this year for Thanksgiving. I always say that I’ll forego it. It’s such a hassle. And then I find myself lugging a 20-pound bird in and out of the fridge, in and out of the sink, in and out of the oven.

I am contemplating making it a day early as a happy compromise. We shall see….

If you’re sure you’re cooking a bird this year, but aren’t exactly sure how to do, I’ve got you covered.

Head here to read my easy Thanksgiving tutorial, How to Cook a Turkey.

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  1. Angela says:

    The title of this post made me think of a school newscast from years ago, where the 4th grade reporter asked students of all ages, “How do you cook a turkey?” and answers ranged from “2 minutes at 500 degrees” to “In a bathtub”. 😀

  2. Tara says:

    I am really enjoying this series. You should know that my family thanks you as it is helpful but also keeps reminding me to keep the spirit of the holiday and to NOT stress about it. I’m debating making my bird early as well. We have a small space and it seems to make a lot of sense. But I have never done that before, so thoughts on how to re-heat the bird for the day of? Do you reheat in the oven or microwave? Do I need to do anything so I don’t dry it out?

    • Jessica says:

      @Tara, I’ve done it during other times of the year and then froze the cooked turkey in meal-size portions. Dot the slices with butter and wrap in foil. Then I reheat in the oven.

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