Meal Planning: End of November

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I spent ALL DAY in the kitchen on Thursday. I started with the desserts and had a great time making them.

I was startled to see how much fun I had, especially when making this Lemon Meringue Pie. I started making this dessert when I was ten. I taught myself from my mom’s tattered, yellow Pillsbury cookbook. I made it for every Thanksgiving for probably the next 20 years.

For some reason I stopped. I have no idea why. It’s been a long time since I made this pie, but all these memories came flooding back. And it made me so happy!

I think I’ll be making lemon pie more often!

The rest of the cooking felt like work, honestly. I gladly did it, but I think that it was out of obligation to the holiday more than anything else.

I was testing a few recipes that I couldn’t delegate since I hadn’t created them yet. And the kids were enjoying their grandparents, so I wasn’t gonna make anyone do much. When I finally got my morning coffee at 11 am, I stopped to ask myself, “Why am I doing this, again?”

The reason was simple: I wanted to make it homemade. I didn’t make anything in advance because I didn’t have room in the fridge or freezer.

Needless to say, it has me rethinking next year. The turkey breast/chicken legs choice was a good call. Every one was happy. Next year I think I will have hubby grill the meat and I’ll be sure to make my gravy and mashed potatoes in advance. I might even bypass the stuffing. I made a small batch, but we barely made a dent in it.

(And yes, I, too, find it ironic that the Freezer Queen didn’t have the mashed potatoes and gravy on ice. We had already eaten all the mashed potatoes and gravy I made a the start of the month, so I couldn’t lean on the freezer this time.)

In the aftermath, here’s our menu plan for the rest of the month. Can you believe November is almost over?!

Meal Plan for the Week

* denotes freezer meal from this book.

25. Lasagne, Salad, Bread

26. Rice Bowls

27. Taco Night*

28. Pasta with Red Sauce*, seasonal vegetables, rolls

29. Sweet and Spicy Joes*, Oven Fries, seasonal vegetables

30. Pizza Night

1. Chef’s Choice

How did YOUR turkey day go?

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    There’s my menu plan for the week.

    Thanksgiving went well. I tried Michael Symon’s turkey tip on cooking it. One hour out of the fridge, rubbed in compound butter and stuffed with fresh herbs and onions, 400 for one hour, 325 until thigh was at 160. It turned out to the most moist turkey I have ever made. I’ll be doing this every year now.

  2. Deborah Jennings says:

    We had ham instead of turkey. We had bought the ham from our grandson. It was the best ever! Still have ham left and will be eating it all next week, one way or another. We had mashed potatoes, green beans, corn and hot rolls. There was only 3 of us. Hubby, Mom, and me. We did enjoy the meal though. Pumpkin pie was for dessert, =) I made 2. One for Hubby and one for Mom. I don’t care for pumpkin pie, but enjoy making them for others.

    You know, I remember my Mother making lemon meringue pies, too. They are still my favorite. As are lemon pound cake.

  3. Our Thanksgiving dinner was perfect & we had a dish or two to please everyone. Im going to start making a lemon pie for my step-daughter too. It dawned on me on T-giving day that I didnt know what her favorite pie was, so I asked and thats what she said. Sounds good to me!

    I started Tuesday night with making cornbread for my grandmas cornbread dressing. I didnt put it together until Wednesday and didnt cook it until Thanksgiving day. I did all the prep & bulk cooking on Wednesday so all I really did on Thanksgiving day was to put the turkey & ham in the oven, assemble and cook the stuffing, made the deviled eggs (cooked & peeled on Wed), put together the broccoli salad (made the dressing on Wed) and my stepdaughter peeled the potatoes using an apple peeler with the corer removed. It was the BEST Thanksgiving we’ve had in a long time since I did all the prep work for everything the day before. Everything else I just put in the oven when the turkey came out. I cooked the ham in a crockpot . I’ll definitely do it this way again.. I didnt have room in my frig either for the prepared stuff, so I had an ice chest on the deck off the kitchen that was filled with the goods & the pumpkin & maple pecan pies I made on Wednesday.

  4. This year’s cooking seemed a lot less stressful. I made my gravy, sweet potato casserole, and apple pie filling a week early and had them in the freezer. I made the pumpkin roll 2 days beforehand. My sister made the stuffing and cranberry sauce and brought from home. My MIL made the mashed potatoes and DH made the yeast rolls. I make my turkey the 3 hour brown bag method and everything went off without a hitch. The food was amazing and my sister even said it was the best Thanksgiving meal to date! All morning I felt like I was missing out on something because there wasn’t much to do, lol. I’ll be making it this way again and again.

  5. Oh! Thanksgiving is just not the same without a lemon meringue pie for me too. It must be a cali thing. My mom always made one, and two pumpkin. One of the pumpkin was for breakfast, a tradition I shared with my dad. The other pumpkin and the lemon meringue for dessert. This year, we knew we would be driving all day thursday, so we did a small feast on wed. night just us five. Ham, rolls, baked sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry jelly. Nothing fancy, but we did have pumpkin pie for breakfast before we left out in the morning with fresh whipped cream. Mmmmm. Miss you dad! So on thanksgiving, when we got to our hotel, no restaurants were open, so we ate microwave meals from walmart that we had to fight black thursday shoppers to get to. Whoo Hoo, NOT! But we were on an adventure, so we all actually didn’t really mind. Kids are just thrilled to be in a hotel.

  6. Turkey day was good. Fairly relaxing considering my older two helpers were working. The two youngers pitched in though on everything from the eggs to taters. My family managed to eat their way through the deviled eggs, stuffed mushrooms, fruit tray, caramel cream brownies, caramel apple bread, potatoes, 2 trays of dinner rolls(one rosemary, one not) and cranberry sauce and we’re down to a plateful of turkey, stuffing, and green beans. I’m pretty sure my kids are part locust.

    I’m getting my stuff ready for the early season cookie making. I’ve already got the stuff for peanut butter cookies with kisses and have to repurchase the rolos for the rolo turtles (oopsie-zumba for me this week.)

    I have to tweak my plan because for some silly reason I thought a 26 pound bird would mean we’d have leftovers enough to make a turkey pot pie. Silly me.

    Monday- BLTs with mac and cheese
    Tuesday- spaghetti
    Wednesday- Skinny bang bang shrimp in tacos
    Thursday- was supposed to be turkey pot pie- may need to improvise with chicken
    Friday- subway/momma needs a break day

    I’m really going to try and buckle down. The holidays always add expenses for gifts and food stuffs. I really need to have a good plan in place so I don’t feel too stressed about those added expenses. I’m even thinking since we did the big ol’ turkey with trimmings that I’ll make snacks as usual but skip the bird or ham and just make a nice easy pan of lasagna and serve it with bread and a salad.

  7. Christina S says:

    Thanksgiving was great. I still tried to do too much, but because I had spread it out and did part of it earlier in the week, it went fairly smoothly. This year I decided to make 2 pans of dressing – 1 for T day for 1 for leftovers. So glad I did! I roasted the biggest turkey I had ever made…21+ pounds. I also made a ton of mashed potatoes early in the day then kept them in the crock pot on warm. It was really nice to be able to have enough leftovers to feed everyone. We ended up having 13 here for Thanksgiving day (evening meal), lunch and supper Friday were fix your own plate of leftovers. By Saturday, most of the other sides were gone so we baked the second pan of dressing to have for supper with turkey and gravy and the last of the mashed potatoes. We had your Spicy taco lasagna (from the freezer) for lunch yesterday. Then last night I turned the last of the turkey into buffalo turkey dip (my husband’s favorite). Tonight we are having some of your freezer meatballs with gravy, potatoes & veggies. And I need to plan the rest of the week of suppers.

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