Thanksgiving Prep: Make These Cute Little Turkey Rolls

Six Thanksgivings ago, my father-in-law came to visit us at Thanksgiving. FishChick6 was a newborn. He bought cinnamon rolls. I had some biscuit dough in the fridge.

A family tradition was born!

We make these cute little turkey treats every Thanksgiving now. There are two versions: the canned biscuit variety as well as the made-from-scratch version. 

Pick whichever one works for you, but make sure you let the kids help with the sprinkles.

Head here to read my easy Thanksgiving tutorial, Make Some (Healthier) Turkey Treats.

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  1. My son is impressed that your newborn bought cinnamon rolls and wants to know if he drove the car to go get them as well. LOL. Since I’ve been drilling the kid about using pronouns without making sure the noun they are replacing is clearly identified, I’m glad to hear that maybe the lesson is finally sinking in. I’m sure you simply did the post quickly and didn’t notice the placement, but thank you for the afternoon chuckle.

  2. I do that sometimes when I write. I get ahead of myself. Leave it to some wiseacre to always point out the errors . Doesn’t anybody ever let anything slide anymore? Whatever happened to Grace .

  3. I’m not picking on her kid, mind you, but I am sure he didn’t notice it on his own. I home school my son, as well. He is in ninth grade and reads on a much higher level. Academically he excels at everything. He has an Uncle that mispronounces just about every other word. We have taught my son, not to correct or laugh at the expense of others. By the way, I love the Turkey rolls. Really cute.

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