Grocery Geek: Turkey Week

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This week felt really busy and short. I suppose that would be thanks to the holiday, eh? It’s all a blur, actually.

I taught a meal planning class on Tuesday at our local library. My sweet husband came with me in case of hecklers or stalkers. There were neither present that we know of.

That’s how we spent date night. At the library. Then a quick dinner at Pei Wei. And a mad dash through Sprouts. They were out of turkey breast, so I didn’t get all my shopping done that night like I had hoped.

My parents arrived at the crack of dawn on Wednesday morning. Dad took me shopping for the turkey breasts — we bought three — as well as the other odds and ends I had forgotten. He paid. Whew. That helped the grocery budget.

Here’s how the grocery shopping went down this week:

Trader Joe’s

We cruised by TJ’s on Sunday afternoon. The Sunday before Thanksgiving! And being the “yes dad” that he is, FishPapa told the littles they could push the miniature shopping carts around the store. Bless him. I went and did my shopping in peace while he directed traffic.

We stocked up on basics for breakfasts, lunches, and Thanksgiving items. Since I did such a big freezer cooking session at the start of the month, I haven’t had to buy dinner ingredients.

Total spent = $84.

Abundant Harvest Organics

There was no produce box this week.



We bought some vegetables, frozen berries, and milk.

Total spent = $24

Weekly total = $108

MTD Expenses = $830

Clearly, I’m not going to be under my ideal of $800 this month. We still have another week in the month, too. We definitely need fruit and milk. But, we’ll have plenty of surplus to carry us into December. We haven’t made a dent in our freezer meals.

How are you geeking out over groceries?

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  1. That wasn’t so bad! Taking Sonny Boy back to school tomorrow and he has asked to stop at Aldis AND Costco! Yikes. He doesn’t have easy access to real grocery stores so I will go.

  2. I actually spend more money on groceries this month than any other this year and unfortunately, I was layed off from my job of 14 years this month too.
    I did buy 5 hams when they were super duper cheap, put 3 in the freezer, ate one & canned ham & made canned ham & bean soup with the other.
    I also had to do a lot of stocking up for Thanksgiving & Christmas and I ran into a deal for sugar that I couldnt pass up. I got 24 4# bags for $1.24 each.. I personally dont use a lot of sugar but M’honey does.. He wont be out of sugar for a long long long time. 😉 I’ve never seen that kind of deal nor do I expect to ever see it again.

    My freezers are full and my pantries are stuffed to overflowing so we shant starve anyways. 😉

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