Grocery Geek: Old Lady in the Grocery Store

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So, the weeks just keep puttering along, don’t they? We’re more than halfway into October. What?!

I must officially declare myself the Old Lady in the Grocery Store as time is just flying!

I actually am the old lady in the grocery store, who are we kidding?!

OK, I kid. I know that 40 is not old, especially when I still think I’m 23.

Here’s how this old bird shopped this week:

Trader Joe’s

I spent halftime during hockey games perusing the grocery ads. The sales were sparse and untempting. Which was a good thing since I’m trying to spend less this month and eat down the freezer. So, it was an easy decision to head to Trader Joe’s for our staples, which included tortillas, cheese, bagels, bananas, potatoes, milk, cereal, sunbutter, hashbrowns, celery, tuna, butter, pasta, eggs, crackers, and cereal.

Total spent $110

Abundant Harvest Organics

We’re rich once again in fresh produce. We’d almost used up everything from last week. The box this week contained potatoes, turnips, lettuce, grapes, melon, squash, eggplant, apples, peppers, chard, mind, broccoli, and pears. I also ordered extras of mint and apples. I made a big batch of Mint Syrup. I gave the collards to the neighbor. And we’re eating our way through the rest.

Total spent $54

Walmart and Sprouts

I thought we were done at that point. But, there’s that milk again! We’re topping four gallons a week these days. And with company coming for the weekend, I knew I needed a few fresh supplies. I cruised by Walmart and Sprouts for milk, yogurt, broccoli, bananas, sausage, buttermilk, olives, tea, garlic, and onions.

Total spent $35

Total spent this week $199

Monthly expenditures to date = $540

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  1. Looks good Jessica!

    Did you ever make your own buttermilk? I just made my own for the first time this week, and am kicking myself at the thought of all the money I could have saved over the years. Search ‘DIY Cultured Buttermilk’ for instructions. It seriously only takes 2 minutes.

    • @Rachel, i have tried the vinegar or lemon juice in milk thing, but I don’t love the texture. It’s fine for most baking, but not so much for pancakes or dressings.

      • @Jessica, I’ve done that too, but what I’m referring to is actually culturing your own buttermilk. Just put 1/4 cup buttermilk in a quart jar, fill with milk, shake, and let it set out on your counter 12-24 hours. The result is real cultured buttermilk. I just tried my first batch, and it actually turned out almost as thick as boughten yogurt.

  2. You gave away your collards!? Oh, my Georgia heart is so sad to hear that. Also, I’m curious to know how you keep down the milk consumption in your house with all the little ones. My family of four (boys ages 2 & 4) goes through 3 gallons a week. It’s insane!

  3. I’m really enjoying reading your blog – you have great tips! Like you I’m really busy, I work full time and like to plan meals so I can shop weekly. I have not read through your entire blog – I was curious how many you’re cooking for at a time? Thanks so much for the fantastic tips & ideas!!! Sue from Toronto, Canada

  4. How much is a gallon of milk out there? Here in Western N.Y. it averages $2.19.

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