Grocery Geek: End O’ Month Report

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I’m calling this the end of the month. I know, it’s only the 27th. But, I’m going to be doing a big freezer cooking fill on Monday, so my mind and my budget will be in November by this time next week.

The Eat-Down-the-Freezer experience went fairly well. We chipped away at quite a few freezer meals and freezer meal components.  Meal prep is getting a little more complicated, especially on the nights I’m away from the house during dinner time. So, I’ve created a new cooking plan for November.

I think I should call it the “husband-friendly meal plan” because many of the items are one dish dinners that your spouse or kids can put in the oven while you do other things. Anywho, I’ll be sharing that on Friday over at Freezer Cooking Days at Life as MOM.

So, how did our October shopping end? Here’s how:


Somehow I don’t have a good picture of my Costco purchases. I was able to shop alone (good). Costco had stocked all the holiday party foods (bad). I’m thankful that self-control won the day and I did not veer from my list of half and half, turkey, cream, feta, cheddar, bagels, tortillas, and bread.

Total spent $52

Trader Joe’s

On date night we cruised by TJ’s for a few items: eggs, sunbutter, milk, almonds, mushrooms, cheese, olive oil, sour cream, and broccoli.

Total spent $40.

Abundant Harvest Organics

The produce box from AHOrganics was very GREEN this week, in more ways than one. It included fennel, lettuce, pears, apples, mint, basil, peppers, green benas, jicama, beets, potatoes, and choy.

Total spent $36

Total spent this week $128

Monthly expenditures to date = $668

Looking at the big picture

So far this year, our grocery expenses have bounced all around! But since we buy things in one month to use in the next month, it makes sense to average our spending over the course of a year. Here’s how the numbers are crunching:

  • January = $442
  • February = $800
  • March = $1142
  • April = $615
  • May = $820
  • June = $940
  • July = $595
  • August = $912
  • September = $982
  • October $668
Total spent year to date: $7916

Average monthly spending for 2012: $791.60

So we’re back below our monthly goal of $800/month for our family of 8. I’m hoping that next month will be able to keep pace. I know that batch cooking should help that a lot. We’ll see…

How did your month go?

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  1. I think this is probably my favorite series to read each week! I look forward to seeing you break down what you spend on groceries and how you feed your large family. Very inspiring!

  2. The holidays are approaching. I’m interested to see if that helps or hinders you. The holidays usually mean trouble for me because of baking. I’m not under $800 for our family of six but I am happy if I keep it under $1000 since we do organic for our beef.

  3. I really like your Grocery Geek end of the month report. And I’m amazed to see that you can feed 8 persons with 800$/month. I’m on my way to spend less on grocery but in Canada it is hard to have good prices as you have in USA. Last year, I spent 700$/month for 3 persons and almost nothing organic in the grocery. I have tweeked a little bit more my grocery shopping this year so I hope I’m on a good track. You are really my inspiration!

    • Merci beaucoup. It’s true. Prices are very different between here and there. So, we just have to compare to ourselves and try to improve. Thanks for your kind words.

  4. I’m trying to not waste any food so I cleaned out the freezers (side by side freezer and a top freezer on the spare fridge) and took inventory today. Now that we’re down to 3 adults in the house I’m trying to find a balance and scale back a bit. I’m trying to keep my grocery/paper goods total under $500 a month (and most months down to $450). I buy abundant harvest too but have scaled back to the small box and take a break one week out of the month.

    I have a question for you. Choy isn’t something I have cooked with. How do you prepare yours?


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