Grocery Geek: Eating Down the Freezer

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Time to use up what we have. We’re eating down the freezer this month.

Originally I had planned to do a big freezer cooking session this month. I was going to do it up big in honor of my cookbook release. But, the more I thought about how full September was, how tired I was, and how full my October calendar already was, I decided not to do much.

Then I went to the freezer and saw how full it was!

Guess I don’t need to do any batch cooking after all. Instead we’re going to eat down the freezer and make room in the budget and in the freezer for a big cooking session in November. That’s good timing for the holidays, anyway.

I created a meal planning formula for the month around many things we already had as well as some easy meals for our busy days. Then I used my grocery shopping trips to fill the holes.

Here’s how it went down:

Trader Joe’s

My eldest son claims he needs four eggs at a sitting. Don’t get into a debate about it. The way he exercises and watches his diet, I’m not worried yet about his cholesterol. His bear growl when the eggs or milk are gone? That’s another story. So, I stocked up on four dozen eggs and three gallons of milk. That should last a few days.

I bought our typical Trader Joe’s things: nuts, maple syrup, rice, pasta, bread, milk, cheese, cereal, crackers, eggs, oil, fish, spices, beans, broth. A few sundry items and we were done.

Total spent – $140 (the maple syrup was the high ticket item)


I sent hubs to Costco to save time and money. He didn’t veer from my list. Crackers, bread, cheese, half and half, and fish.

Total spent – $50

Abundant Harvest Organics

I bought extra apples and basil this week from the produce guys. That way I can make more applesauce as well as pesto to freeze. I’ll be glad later that I spent the time.

Included in our regular box were fennel, basil, melon, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, turnips, pears, arugula, figs, and squash.

Total spent – $56

Seems like big shopping for the first week of the month. I should be able to stretch this quite some way this month, especially when I think about recent unexpected expenses that have deflated our savings a bit. That’s great motivation to eat at home!

Total spent MTD: $246

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  1. on the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health has many case studies that show there is no correlation between cholesterol and heart disease.. If this is something that really interests you, there is a great book by Anthony Colpo The Great Cholesterol Con you might wish to check out. In the name of health, its worth reading with an open mind to what he has to say. Personally, I believe we’ve been sold a bag of ill tainted goods by the USDA, AMA, & AHA. Some of them now are coming around & realizing the truth of many of the information they themselves dispersed as gospel in the 80s, 90,s & into the 2000s.

    On a much lighter note.. My stand alone freezer & refrigerator freezer are packed to the gills and Im afraid every time I open them that I’ll be bashed upon the head by a hard block of frozen something. Its time for me too, to do some serious eating from the freezer.

    • You are right, there are probably too many presuppositions in our brains that are unfounded that are the result of our nutrition education curriculum of the 70s and 80s.

      Glad you’ve got a good stock to start eating!

  2. One thing my doctor reminded me, when we were discussing my cholesterol and I mentioned my love/need for an egg in the morning for some good protein, was that the protein in an egg is the good cholesterol. He said that even with my higher cholesterol, eating an egg or two every day would not hurt. I’m thinking your son is much more active than I am with good cholesterol so up to four shouldn’t hurt. 🙂

    • Well, that’s good to know. Thanks!

      • @Jessica, Medical studies drive me nuts, especially when they are contradictory! We’ve been eating plenty of eggs the past few years, since the theory that eggs are bad for your health seemed to have been debunked. Then, just a month or two ago, there was a new study in the news that found that people who regularly eat egg yolks have as much artery damage as smokers! The recommendation was to eat no more than two egg yolks a week, including in baked goods. Who knows what to believe? But ever since I read that, we’ve cut way, way back on our egg consumption.

  3. Just curious why you don’t buy your maple syrup at Costco? I haven’t checked the price at TJs, so just wondered if it was cheaper? Different quality?

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