Grocery Geek: Apple Season is Here!

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It’s been a good week. We had beautiful, albeit warm weather; the kids did well at all their lessons and practices; hubby and I got a date in.

And apples arrived! It’s so nice for apple season to finally settle in. I ordered thirty pounds of them to make applesauce and pies to freeze. The kids have eaten at least five pounds already before I’ve touched them. (So I ordered more for next week.)

I realize that apple season may be the thing that sets us over budget this month, but I’m okay with that. It’s like an investment in the future. I may even can some of the applesauce so that I can save space in the freezer.

On the grocery hunting front…. Here’s what I got this week:


I made a quick run to Sprouts to take advantage of a sale that was ending. The greens and the berries were both BOGO; less than $2 for each package which is a screaming deal on organics. The meat and squash were lower priced than normal. I lost the receipt, but the bank tells me I spent $22.

Trader Joe’s

On Date Night, we cruised by Trader Joe’s. Tell me we don’t know how to live on the wild side. We loaded up on mostly convenient breakfast and lunch stuff. OK, the Brie was a splurge. Total spent was $73.00

Abundant Harvest Organics

The produce box was a little better this week. I added on the aforementioned thirty pounds of apples. We also got figs, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, grapes, carrots, broccoli, pears, herbs, arugula, and lettuce. I spent $65.

Weekly total: $160

MTD Total: $869

One week Β to go. A produce box and some milk will land us somewhere in the $900 range. Not horrible for Survival Girl.

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  1. Oh how I wish our budget could afford apples this year! Nothing says fall like the smell of cooking apples! We had so much trouble with the weather last spring — 80 degrees in March and frosts in April & May — here in Michigan. Our friends who are apple farmers are hoping for 5-10% of their normal crop. Some farmers have had a total loss. πŸ™ Which means super high prices over here…

  2. Have you tried St Andre triple cream from TJ’s? If not, give it a go!

  3. Those grapes look delicious! Hubby and I go “grocery geekin'” on date night, too. We finally got a TJ’s here and we’ve been loving it! Went there today to stock up for the week.

  4. Reading about your shopping adventures weekly—w/photos, too!—is such an awesome part of the blog! Many other blogs have stopped posting these so it’s great.

  5. Love these updates!! So fun!

  6. giggle…Hats off to Survival Girl πŸ™‚

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