Grocery Geeked Out!

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The pendulum swings the other way. After a month of staying out of the stores (or trying to, anyway), I spent all week in the stores this week. Seemingly.

I was intent on filling the freezer. Hubby started a new eating regime, so I wanted to make sure that he had all the things that sounded good and fit the diet.

One planning fail after another (running out of flour, running out of baking powder, running out of flour again, running out of milk several times) sent me back and back and back. I counted ten receipts that included grocery purchases this week. Oy ve!

But, this is real life, right? And the freezer is filled. So here we go…. the weekly report:

Rather than get into all the nitty gritty details of every purchase, I’m going to talk in general terms.

I basically bought everything for the whole month except for dairy and the produce box. I bought enough cheese, tortillas, juice, sugar, maple syrup, honey, garlic, and flour to last for quite some time. I will need to buy dairy, produce, and maybe some proteins as the weeks go by. But, I don’t want to go into a store anytime soon.

The grand total: $495

Yeah, that. I spent 5/8 of the month’s budget, but I’m pretty sure that we have more than 5/8ths of the month’s food in reserve now. Half of me thinks that’s crazy and the other half is glad to have a lot of work out of the way.

The freezer is filled with breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. I bought ingredients at the best prices I could find (thus all the to and fro). And I’ve done a lot of work in advance. There’s a cost and benefit in that, too.

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  1. Jessica S says:

    LOVE this blog! So happy I found it! Hubby is getting ready to go on a trip for a week so I am in “Mother Hubbard” Mode trying to finish the pantry eat down. My AP Flour/Wheat Flour and Sugar containers were in the danger zone of low, and I have NONE left on my shelf. I grabbed some quart bags and made up a few Buttermilk pancake prep bags to finish the containers and toss them in to the wash! I tore down a bunch of quickly ripening banana and have a few more to do still for smoothies and future baking! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. You do such a great job of feeding your family healty food. You are blessed to have such a large budget. I don’t have as much to spend as you, but we make it work.

    • Thanks for your kind words. It is a large budget, and I’m very thankful that we’re finally in this place. Yet, it’s still hard to keep it where it’s at. Prices are all over the map these days. My husband’s new, healthier eating regime (in terms of calories) means that I want to give him enough variety that he can stay the course. So, that’s where I’m going to struggle in the next month.

  3. After June with a kid in the hospital for 11 days, and a 3 week vacation in July, I’m in serious hunker-down-and-get-ready-for-Fall mode. I’ve spent about 1/2 of my grocery budget already! With temps over 105 this week (in West Texas), I can’t do any baking…
    But in the last 2 days, I bought 40 # of boneless ck. Then I grilled 30 chicken breasts today with 3 different marinades. I then prepped and bagged the remainder of the 40# of chicken for crock pot meals. I also cooked 2 chickens overnight in my crockpot and shredded them. We’ve browned 3 lbs each of ground turkey and beef to make sloppy joes, and frito pie with the 2 lbs of beans I cooked. Tomorrow, we’re trying your bacon chicken sandwiches…and if we like them, we’ll be making more for the freezer.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I am so impressed that you could take any empty deep freezer and fill it in a week, all while starting school and doing everything else you do. Way to go!

  5. Whew! Just looking at all those grocery stop pictures makes me tired! I stop at 3 to 4 stores every 8 days or so for our groceries. I do them all in one go, it takes 2 or so hours and fills the back of my SUV and then in 8 days I have to do it all over again. It makes your freezer cooking for a month look mighty appealing, then I would just have to stop at the store with the best organic produce and organic milk prices. Hmmm….gets me thinking.

  6. Its wild, isnt it. You can go from fully stocked up to having nothing in the house (say others) to eat.
    I think Im pretty well stocked up on most groceries at the moment but will be buying milk and tea before long. I’ve got veggies coming out of the garden (16-20# a day) right now, along with our CSA box so dont see much going out for actual groceries.

    We’ve had my step-daughter & son in law (from out of town) here 8 days total and we have enough leftovers to feed us all for several days. We’ve had a good time, but my freezers and frig are stuffed to the gills. Time to do damage control.

    Have a great week!

    • @KimH, 16 to 20 lbs. out of the garden? Wow! How big is your garden? Are you doing a lot of canning and freezing? Just curious how you keep us with that much produce and what you do with it.

      • @Melissa@Mom’s Plans,
        Barely keeping up is the answer
        My garden isnt that large, at least compared to the gardens I use to have. Its about 20’x60′ and its layed out in a traditional manner. I dont have space here at my home for a garden so I garden in a community garden & we have 2 plots. Most of it is tomatoes, cukes, peppers, all manner of squashes (my most favorite veggies in the world), a few watermelons, green & yellow wax beans and okra.
        I’ve been canning & dehydrating the squashes to use for the winter in stews & soups, and I just got enough tomatoes to make my first batch of ketchup on Friday night. I’ll start canning a few jars of rotel type tomatoes, onion, & peppers soon, and hopefully I’ll get enough okra to make pickled okra and have a few batches of fried okra as well.
        I dont have any room in my freezer to speak of at the moment but I manage to stuff my green beans in there somehow. Its a good thing they dont all come on at one time. 1 item out of the freezer, 1 item in. 😉

  7. I love the idea of buying everything at the start of the month. Great idea.
    It is so hot here in western ny that my fresh produce goes bad before we can eat it. Then there’s the fruit flies. Ugh! Very humid here in the summer. Thank you for sharing all the helpful ideas. You are an inspiration to all of us.

  8. We also shop once a month. There are just four of us. I shop Kroger, Walmart (I can kill two birds with one stone, they have a pharmacy and eye clinic) ,Food Giant, Thrift bread store. All of these are within a five mile radius of our house. It’s a lot to do in one day, because we only shop the sales and use coupons. (Takes a little time) We never buy anything full retail if it can be helped. I don’t do once a month freezer cooking. I cook a double or triple batch of what I am cooking for dinner, a lot of times. It frees my week-ends for other things. I don’t buy produce boxes, because I have a small garden. I do supplement once weekly with some dairy, like cottage cheese, milk, etc. Our freezer stays full, as does our pantry. I try to keep everything rotated . Any surplus goes in labeled boxes with dates, in closets or under beds. I don’t cook dessert every night, but do keep fresh fruit, nuts and popcorn.I do buy some organic, but everything we eat is not organic. Everyone pitches in, cutting and filing coupons and helping with the shopping. The reason I like Walmart is it’s an everything store. If I need an item for the kitchen their prices are pretty competitive. I do get bored sometimes with the process, but I just sit myself down and give myself a little pep talk. We have it real easy compared to some people. I absolutely abhor fast food. It tastes like cardboard to me. Places like Olive Garden or Red Lobster (who use a lot of processed items in their cooking) doesn’t taste any better than what we fix at home. Having duplicates in the freezer really helps, on days when I don’t feel like cooking. Having a garden is also a lifesaver. About once a week, dinner is a big salad with cheese cubes and leftover ham with fresh bread.

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