Grocery Geek: Goodbye, August

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August has been hot. And low cal. And a little over budget. Not sure if this is a sign of the times, or what. I’m glad to say goodbye.

I’ve got a big freezer cooking plan for September. That’s how I’m spending my weekend. And I’m trying to set our month up for success. My goal is to stick under the Thrifty Plan for all our food. (This means I won’t be including cleaners and toiletries in my grocery budget.)

This past week I made one run to Trader Joe’s. It was super easy because I had already taken an inventory of what we had. No need to go up and down every aisle because I knew what we needed.

Trader Joe’s

milk $2.79
bread $1.99
eggs $1.79
bananas $0.19/each
cukes $2.49
potatoes $3.99
cereal $1.99
ground turkey $3.95
sesame oil $2.29
mango $1.59
carrots $0.79
half and half $1.99
red wine vinegar $1.99
mushrooms $1.69

Total spent = $36

Abundant Harvest Organics

The produce box was surprisingly sparse this week. I’m guessing it’s between crops? The grapes were an add-on, though there were some included in the box as well.

We had tomatoes, plums, melons, peppers, potatoes, squash, thyme, garlic chives, avocados, lettuce, green beans, and grapes.

Total spent $56 (includes delivery to my door)

Also in this month’s food expenses were two more gallons of milk at $5 total. The total for the week was $92.

Looking at the big picture

So far this year, our grocery expenses have bounced all around! But since we buy things in one month to use in the next month, it makes sense to average our spending over the course of a year. Here’s how the numbers are crunching:

  • January = $442
  • February = $800
  • March = $1142
  • April = $615
  • May = $820
  • June = $940
  • July = $595
  • August = $912
Total spent to date: $6266

Average monthly spending for 2012: $783.25

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  1. I know when I’m watching what I’m eating, it tends to show in my grocery bill. Don’t know if that’s been a factor for you, or not. Not to mention, groceries are just more expensive. I’m amazed at some of the items I buy on regular basis, and how their price has increased over time.

    Here’s to September 🙂

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one going over budget again this month. Sigh. Perhaps this means it’s time to adjust my numbers, with food prices on the increase as they are. I really enjoying these grocery geek posts of yours!

  3. Now that the Hoover’s (my affectionate name for my adult son, dil, baby bear and dog) have moved out, it will be interesting to see if I get “on track” with the food budget. Mind you, they have lived with us the past four years (life changes, unemployment, full time students…now college grads, one gainfully employed as a teacher the other starting up a home daycare) so now I really need to tighten things up around here. I still have my elderly mother (89) with us and she can eat a lot of food for an elderly person! I’m getting serious with my meal planning and advance prep of food for mutliple meals out of one cooking/bbq’ing session. Thank the Lord we can afford to eat well, but I still don’t want to spend my money unnecessarily. I feel like we were letting too much go to waste. Hopefully we can keep that in check too.

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