Meal Plan: July 15 through 21

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This month as I tackle a pantry challenge, I’m writing a 3×7 meal plan, planning three meals for every day of the week. Here’s a peak at this week’s plan.

Last week, things didn’t always go according to plan. We had a few more “snacky dinners” than I intended. But, we ate food we had at home, so that’s what matters most. We had one meal of take-out after a long amusement park adventure. It was worth it.

Here’s the week’s plan, subject to change, of course:


Breakfast: full breakfast – eggs, toast/biscuits, hashbrowns
Lunch: hot dogs and hamburgers (switched from last week)
Dinner: chicken pot pie (carried over from last week)


Breakfast: Breakfast Bar
Lunch: BLTs, fruit
Dinner: Grilled Sausages, Potatoes, Veg


Breakfast: Oatmeal and Toppings
Lunch: Snacky lunch
Dinner: Quesadillas, fruit salad


Breakfast: Granola and milk
Lunch: Baked chicken legs, veggie tray
Dinner: Pasta with Roasted Vegetable Sauce, Salad, Biscuits


Breakfast: Pancakes and Fruit
Lunch: Denver Scramble
Dinner: Beans and Rice


Breakfast: Waffles and Fruit
Lunch:Sunbutter and Jam Sandwiches
Dinner:Pizza Night


Breakfast: French Bakery
Lunch: Take out (Mom gone)
Dinner: Roast Chicken, Potatoes, Veg

What’s cooking at your house?

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  1. What I can remember off the top of my head is: garlicky chicken pasta and chili (we can pretend it’s not 100 degrees outside while we eat it :)).

  2. I have become very disillusioned with meal planning. It seems every time I plan a week of meals something happens, and the plan goes out the window. My daughter shared with me, that you blogwriters only present the perfect situations. I truly love your blog, and was wondering if you would please give a true run down on a week of menu planning. How you handle it, and what part of it didn’t work. I would be so greatful. I feel like I live in a different life then you bloggers. Thank you.

    • Jessica says:

      This month as you know, I’ve been writing a 3×7 meal plan on a week’s grid. This makes me “commit” a certain meal to a certain day. But not all days obey the plan. I’ve had to draw lots of arrows and circles and move things around. Like here:

      Other weeks, I just write a list of the 7-10 meals that I could make in a week based on what we have and then I post that on the fridge. I cross things off as I make them. That way is a little more flexible and works well if you have a large pantry to work from.

    • @linda,
      It might be helpful for you to click over to the Summertime Pantry Challenge link (the red checkered tablecloth icon) that Jessica updates every evening. It lists what they actually ate for the day…sometimes what was on the menu, sometimes not! I love it because it is real, and not just a picture-perfect menu plan that worked without any changes or glitches!


    We have chicken verde enchiladas, homemade chicken nuggets and a 3rd birthday party – “princess.” I’m hoping to pull off a decent cake using what I already have on hand. Cross your fingers!

  4. I love the idea of a 3×7 plan and perhaps I’ll be organized enough in the fall to start. For now I’m happy to have dinner and snacks planned for the week.

  5. Deesselisa says:

    Thank you so much for the 7×3 plan this month. It is something I’ve been needing to do myself all summer. During the school year, the kids ate there, my daughter was even served breakfast, so I really only planned dinner. But since they’ve been home, sometimes I’ve found myself wondering what to feed them for lunch. So I’ve really needed to get back into this habit and it feels slow going. i guess cuz me and the baby like to eat different stuff than the other two. But you’ve inspired me and I’m getting better.

  6. From what I have seen it looks like you pretty much stick to what you plan. I don’t do a seven day menu anymore. There are only three of us and one of us is a picky eater. If the picky eater doesn’t like what is being served (not a child, a grown man),He can fend for himself.
    Breakfast is no problem . We keep the usual for fixing: eggs,english muffins , bagles,hot cereals,cheeses, fruits.
    Lunch is not a problem. There are always plenty of things for sandwiches, soups , salads, cheeses,crackers,etc. I also keep boiled eggs, celery sticks and carrot sticks and sometimes raw cauliflower and broccoli in a container and dips, in case I am out of pocket when lunch rolls around.
    Dinner is planned in my head for the next night, as soon as the dishes for tonight’s dinner are done. I just try not to duplicate too often. If we have fish on Tuesday, I try not to serve it again on Thursday.If I do serve leftovers, I try to turn it into something different. I have been known to be sneaky. A relative had a whole case of baby food left over from when she had stomach problems. She was going to throw it out (the freshness dates were still way good) I told her I would be happy to take it off her hands.If we had, had a baby in the family at the time I would have just donated it. We usually just donate money to food orginizations (Share our strength and others, so I didn’t have any guilt using the baby food) When I baked a cake, carrots got slipped into the batter. When I made spaghetti sauces , squash was put in . When I made broccoli cheese soup, the broccoli cheese baby food was added.I was able to slip in extra veggies without the picky eater knowing. He never knew the difference.
    I save time by having the base for meals in the freezer already cooked. (cooked ground beef,marinated chicken, beef or pork roast already cooked.)If I get real industrious, I also bake and freeze, breads, rolls and make freezer jam. I buy a lot of millet, Quinoa, Amaranth,Cous Cous, Bulgar,rice and of course whole wheat pastas, so I can fix quick meatless meals if nothing gets thawed.I buy in bulk,so it is cheaper. We have become absolutely addicted to millet and Quinoa. Nobody ever complains. Dessert for us is most always fruit.
    I think I would go nuts if I had to plan a menu for a whole month. I have seen people do that. I admire their resolve, but too much can happen.
    People that have a lot of children have to plan ahead, I know. It might be chaos if they didn’t.

  7. I didn’t know about clicking on the checkered tablecloth icon to see what you actually prepared for a day’s meals – wow! I am very impressed that you prepare a lunch for your family in summertime. My mom worked from when I was young, and she just made sure there was lunchmeat and bread. Your kids are really lucky – you sound like a cool family with lots of time spent together.

    • Jessica says:

      Ha! I’m not sure how cool we are, but we do spend lots of time together. The kids definitely get “fend-for-yourself” lunches; those usually aren’t so good. Not because of them, but because of what’s available. Lunchmeat and sandwich bread are pricey, so we don’t usually have a lot of that around.

  8. Our week’s supper menu is here Thanks for the inspiration!

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