Grocery Geek: Week Two, Pantry Challenge

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This last week flew by in a flash. We had a house guest from Kansas City. We did the beach and Legoland and the movies. The days were just packed! And I ended up making two trips out to the stores during the week.


Early on I headed to Ralphs to stock up on milk and tp as well as some fruit and veg on sale or markdown. Stocking up on three gallons of milk instead of my usual two was a good call. It kept me from too many trips out.

I thought I had scored with my markdowns, but no. Unfortunately that kale salad was a wasted dollar. It was a little past its prime. Bummer!

We were low on fruit when I went so it was nice to find organic berries on sale. I kind of splurged, but they made for really nice breakfasts.

toilet paper $7.29
hashbrowns $2.49/2 # bag
milk $2.55/gallon
organic raspberries $1.99
organic strawberries $1.99
bananas $0.29/lb
mango $0.34 each
organic kale salad $0.99
serrano peppers $0.12
organic romaine $0.99
organic yogurt $2.49

Total spent $39


I stopped at Walmart later in the week to check out the school supplies and picked up a few things we could use while I was there.

flour $5.72
bread $2.98
organic sugar $3.98
dawn $5.64
sandwich bags (mega pack) $5.98
hand soap $3.88

Total spent $29

Produce Box

We’re not short on fresh produce now. The race is on to eat these peaches before they’re too ripe. The produce box held corn, watermelon, rosemary, green beans, lettuce, peaches, squash, plums, tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes. I bought an extra 15 pounds of peaches for ten bucks.

Total spent $52

This week’s expenses totalled $120. Still more than I wish I had spent. Time to buckle down next week.

Total spent month to date: $399

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  1. Jessica S says:

    Slip the skins off the peaches and slice them down. Lay them flat of a plastic wrapped tray and flash freeze them! When all frozen toss into the freezer in a bag for future smoothies, fruit cobblers and sauces! I just did that with 3 boxes of strawberries my kids suddenly lost interest in! They lasted less then a week before they became homemade strawberry ice cream and fruit smoothies! I am hitting the local farmers market this afternoon to see if I can grab some fruit deals for freezing!

  2. I agree with Jessicas idea. When I was a child in the 60s, my grandmother had a peach tree right outside her back door that was always loaded. She would peel & freeze them with a very light simple syrup (VERY light). When I wanted a snack, she’d break off a bit and put it in a bowl for me to munch on after it became a little less like a rock.. Those are great memories that I love.

    I’ve spent a LOT more this week than I have in many weeks past, but they’re more stock up trips than anything and a birthday party dinner & cake.
    Today, Im running out to an Amish farm to buy 10 certified organic stewing chickens for $5 each and I think that is more than a deal. Around here, they go for a minimum of $10 each.

    They will go in my freezer and if I dont have room for all of them, I’ll throw them in my roaster & then can the meat & broth.

  3. It’s raining here, and I don’t really want to get out, but I’m considering going to our farmer’s market to check out the fruit. We got 4 eggplant today, so I need to come up with something creative – one needs to be used right away (I’m thinking eggplant parm) and the other 3 could wait… I see lots of eggplant meals in our future!

  4. Look at those peaches! They’d never make it into the freezer around here, we eat them up too fast! Great deal you got.

  5. Michele K says:

    I wish organic strawberries were that cheap here in NY! The same size package sells for at least $4.99!

    • Margaret says:

      @Michele K, Yes… I live in the Boston area and I am so envious of these produce prices! I’ve seen organic strawberries as high as $6.50 a quart. Bananas don’t get any cheaper than 49 cents a pound, usually more. And mangoes are usually a buck or 1.25 a piece. I think I pay $2 for non-organic romaine hearts. *sigh*

  6. That organic sugar surely looks like the kind that comes from Florida, I live in Florida, and I can’t purchase it as cheaply as you did out in California. Something is just not right with that picture! and the peaches… even in my neighboring state of Georgia, famous for peaches, I can’t find them that price. Maybe I need to consider living on the other coast after all. Then again, the real estate and gas prices would average that right back out, so never mind.

    We’re on an emergency-purchase-only limit around here. I had a whole houseful of people last month that severely depleted my groceries (and alcohol and entertainment and…) funds, so we’re being creative with what is left in the cupboard and freezer. Much like you, we’re at about 50% normal grocery expenditures. I’m hoping that except for more milk and some fruit, I don’t need to purchase anything else the rest of the month.

  7. Make this peach melba and serve it with homemade ice cream. Absolutely to die for.

  8. One thing I wanted to ask you is , do you price match at Walmart? I find this saves me a lot of money for my family of 8 and requires no coupons. Takes only a few minutes to browse the ads . Yesterday, I scored flour, 5 lb bags for 99 cents, a dozen eggs for 88 cents, and gallons of milk for $1.99 each ( I bought 5 ). I was using my local Hyvee’s ad to price match with. Awesome sales like that don’t happen every week, but I stock up big time when I can do that. Just a thought. It really helps.

    • Jessica says:

      @Heidi, that is a great point. I used to do it occasionally in KS and when I moved here they didn’t know much about it at the local Walmarts since they didn’t really sell groceries. But, now it’s a pretty well-known thing since they’ve been advertising it nationally. I’ll keep that in mind.

  9. I have to agree with others…those prices for produce are great, even organic produce!! Atleast, compared to the east coast. I guess that is one of the many benefits of living in CA. Enjoy! 🙂

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