Meal Planning: June 17 – 23

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Summer starts this week! To celebrate, we’re going to “cook out” and dine al fresco.

Summer officially starts this week. We’ve been enjoying lazier days for over a week now, but I always remember that Summer “officially” begins on my dad’s birthday. We tease him that it truly is the “longest day of the year.” Happy Birthday, Pops!

(Oh, and Happy Father’s Day, too!)

Here’s our summery meal plan for the week:

17. Father’s Day Feasting

18. Rice and Bean Bowls

19. QuesadillasVeggie Dippers

20. Taco Bake, Salad

21. Sandwich Bar

22. Pizza Night

23. Enchiladas, Salad, Rice, and Beans

What’s cooking at your house this week/month?

For more meal planning inspiration, visit Menu Plan Monday each week.

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    There is mine for the week. Right now I have black beans in the slow cooker that I soaked all night. I’ll then let them cool and freeze them. My first time doing it this way. I love black bean tacos and this will be much more cost effective.

  2. I’m back from vacation and getting used to cooking again.
    Here’s my menu for the week:

  3. tentatively had your rice and bean salad on the menu for thursday, what is your favorite vinegrette to use for this salad? And what do you like to serve it with. I think it would make a meal on it’s own, but my critters might turn up a nose being that it is new and all.

    M: tostadas
    T: birthday boy choice
    W: spanakopadillas, fruit
    T: rice n bean salad plus ?
    F: pulled chicken sandwiches w/apple slaw
    S: moo shu pork wraps
    S: ribeyes w/potatoes, corn, etc.

    • Jessica says:

      Just use your favorite Italian. I usually just make one up on the fly. And yes, it could make a meal on its own, but we often serve it with grilled meats.

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