Mother’s Day Meal Ideas

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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Plan an easy yet festive meal for the mothers in your life.

Can it really be that Mother’s Day is upon us?! As you may remember, Mother’s Day is one of the FishMama Trifecta. Mother’s Day, our anniversary, and my birthday all fall into one 15-day period. Whoohoo. Don’t worry, I won’t let it go to my head.

Mother’s Day is a great time to celebrate the moms in your life — as well as the women who have served to nurture and grow you over the years. I’ve been blessed with a number of women like that. Someday when money’s no object, it would be fun to gather Mom, Aunt Cass, Gramma Marilyn, Cathy, Madame Stephenson (my high school French teacher), Michele, Jamie,  Janel, and Jessika all in one room for a very fun Mother’s Day meal.

These great women have contributed to who I am today. I am forever grateful that God put them in my life.

Here’s are some of the things that I would serve for our major chick fest:

Orange-Ginger Marinated Chicken

Caesar Salad

Potatoes Alfredo

Garlic-Parmesan Swirl Biscuits

Raspberry Cream Cups with Pretzels

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  1. Lynette W. says:

    Hi Jess!

    So fun and neat to see what you would serve 🙂 I’m throwing a Mother’s Day Tea Party this Saturday, for my two MIL’s and my own Mom, with the Grandkids in the mix and hubby as an assistant to help me pull this off 🙂 Doing it on Saturday – so that I can actually have Mother’s Day off (usually it’s spent driving around to the Grandma’s visiting them, taking pictures, giving them their gifts…and the last two years I remember just wishing for a day off for myself! Of course, I was nursing that first year and then she was 1 last year – still not a big difference, and she’s my 4th 🙂 Finding this year I’m getting more time off than usual, cause I don’t have a baby joined at the hip any more – the toddler wants to be free!

    Anyway, I’m planning on having chicken salad sandwiches, pasta salad, sugar snap peas with a dipping sauce, fruit salsa, tea cakes & lemon squares, iced tea and strawberry lemonade. Planning on using my daughters (small) hand painted (and one of those pottery places) tea pot set as decoration (some use, the tea pot will pour tea – but the cups are a bit small for this party!) and other frilly things like beads to decorate the table. Hoping the Grandma’s enjoy their special time with their Grandkids – having tea!

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