Meal Planning: May 27 – 31

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You say it’s your birthday! It’s my birthday, too! Yep, it’s the big day. The big 4-0. I’m just as surprised as you. Where has the time flown.

So, since it’s my birthday, we’re having one of my favorite meals: grilled tri-tip and potatoes. Yum-O! And here’s the plan for the rest of the week.

27. It’s My Birthday! Tri-tip, Garlic Smashed Potatoes, Caesar Salad, Garlic Rolls, Cheesecake

28. Mexi-night

29. Alfredo Pasta, Steamed Veg, Garlic Parmesan Swirl Biscuits

30. Grilled Chicken Breast, Quinoa Pilaf, Steamed Veg

31. Sandwich Bar with Baguette, Chips, Fruit

What’s cooking at your house this week?

For more meal planning inspiration, visit Menu Plan Monday each week.

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  1. Happy birthday Jessica! Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Happy happy birthday!! I’m doing that number later this year, so I hear ya 🙂

  3. Happy birthday! That number is coming up for me in a couple more years. You do the same thing I do, make my favorite food for Mother’s Day/birthday.

    There’s my menu for the week. Saturday it will be time to grocery shop for the month.

  4. Karen Knox says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

  5. Have a very Happy Birthday Jessica! Isn’t 40 the new 20…Enjoy!

  6. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday Jessica!!! I hope it’s a fantastic day!

  7. Harriet says:

    Happiest of birthday wishes! I pray for a healthy and happy year for you and your family.

  8. Mary E S says:

    Happy Birthday! Eat lots of cake and ice cream because this only comes once a year!

  9. Deesselisa says:

    Happy Birthday!! That will be me next year! And yes, most days it seems like I went from 30 to 40 in the blink of an eye.

    Once again, this month is full of unexpected expenses, so nothing too exciting this week on the menu. Had to scratch some of the exciting things I hoped to make. But $1 eggs this week at Kroger will feed us good. Whoo hoo!

    26. teriyaki salmon, rice, green beans
    27. hawaiian chicken, potatoes, corn
    28. chef salad
    29. nachos
    30. omelets and smoothies
    31. lemon pasta
    1. meatloaf, potatoes, carrots
    2. mongolian beef, rice, green beans

  10. Happy birthday! Sounds like you are having one seriously delicious meal, yum-o is right!

  11. Glaphre says:

    Happy Birthday Blessings, Jessica!! I thank God for the gift of each year.
    My plan for the week:
    28 – Sloppy Joes w/ corn
    29 – Beans w/ salad
    30 – Chicken w/ Alfredo pasta & peas
    31 – Pork Chops w/ potatoes & veggies
    1 – Taco Salad
    2 – BLT Sandwiches w/ fruit salad

  12. Have a most excellent 40th birthday! (Mine is in a few months!)

  13. happy birthday, jessica! may it be a special day and year for you and yours.

    enjoy your 40th (it’s a good age!) our first great-grandchild might be born on your 40th birthday! =)

  14. Happy Birthday! I had a tough time turning 40 (I will celebrate 43 this year…). For some people, 30 is hard; for me, it was 40. But I got over it, and the sun rose, and life continued. 🙂 And things are just fine!

    Your menu looks scrumptious. I’ve been trying to track my grocery spending this month too, and this weekend I will sit down and crunch my numbers. Hope I’ve been as successful… thanks for sharing with us!

  15. Stacia J says:

    Happy Day-After Birthday, Jessica!!! Yesterday was my birthday too 🙂 I turned 42..can’t believe how old I’m getting lol Hope you had an awesome day!!!!!

  16. Angela S says:

    Happy Birthday!! I hit 40 in February, and so far, it hasn’t been too bad…nothing seems to be falling apart yet. 🙂 And besides, 40 is the new 30!

  17. Happy Birthday Jessica! The forties are the best decade YET! Hope you have a fabulous day, a terrific meal and some wonderful time with your family.

  18. Happy Birthday on the big 4-0! I anticipate that one myself in just a few years.
    I’m eating out of my pantry & freezer this week & keeping the shopping to a minimum. Here’s my menu plan:

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