I Want My Two Dollars (Smoothie)

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Jamba Juice has always been a favorite for our family. I continue to order the Pina Colada smoothie from their old menu. They always make it for me. And we’ve found that it’s a pretty cheap treat for our crew. Two people split each smoothie and the folks at Jamba are always happy to put it into two cups so each kiddo can have his own.

So, smoothies for $2?! That’s a dollar per kid. Definitely, a good cheap eat. Well, drink.

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  1. My kids loves smoothies too. If we had a Jamba close to the house, that would be SO DANGEROUS for us all!

  2. Hillary says:

    Haha! “I want my two dollars!”…that title made me smile. Totally made me think of the paper boy in Say Anything 🙂

  3. I wonder if our local smoothie places would accept this ‘competitor coupon’ even though there is no Jamba Juice anywhere near here?

  4. Wait… Are you talking about the “peenya kewlada” (however it was spelled!). That was my faaaavorite, and I haven’t found one i like better 🙁 They will really make it for you?

    • Jessica says:

      @LB, yes, I’ve been to several locations and just asked for it. There’s one ingredient (shaved coconut, I think) that they don’t typically stock, but they’ll still make it for me.

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