Meal Planning: April 15 – 21

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Having meal components in the freezer ready to go makes meal time prep so much easier.

For quite some time, my people have been requesting one of their favorite meals: Chicken Pot Pie. This week I’m going to deliver. Unless you just fixed a large roast chicken or turkey dinner, it’s a fair amount of work to cook the chicken, mix up gravy, roll a pie crust, etc. Since I make this from scratch, Chicken Pot Pie is a labor of love.

I made it easier on myself this month during my freezer cooking session. I cooked the chicken overnight in the slow cooker and then deboned and chopped it the next morning. After a chilling time in the fridge, I tossed four bags of chicken into the freezer. The drippings went into a big pot of gravy that I mixed up right away. This week, I just need to cook some vegetables and mix the pie crust. Assembling all these components is super easy — and makes for a great meal that my family loves.

Here’s the meal plan for the week:

15. Chicken Pot Pie, Layered Fruit Salad

16. Mexibar – with Cheese Enchiladas, Rice, Beans, Salad, Toppings

17. Soup Night, Herb and Cheese Biscuits

18. Grilled Chicken, Quinoa Pilaf, Vegetable

19. Beans and Rice

20. Pizza NightVeggie Dippers

21. Breakfast for Supper

What’s cooking at your house this week?

For more meal planning inspiration, visit Menu Plan Monday each week.

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    Nothing too exciting planned for this week. Menu is in the link above. Sis in law called last night about going to dinner so that’s what we’ll do Monday. I had planned parmesan chicken nuggets but I’ll save those for another day.

  2. I just put together a chicken pot pie for tomorrow night’s supper. Great minds think alike. I have to work tomorrow and then I have a job interview 🙂 So I will be late getting home, but not to worry.
    Now on to planning the rest of the weeks meals.

  3. Atsquared says:

    We’re moving at the end of the month, so my menu for the next two weeks is mainly based on what needs to be used up in my freezer and pantry. (I’d rather go grocery shopping after we move in than pack and move the food from one house to the other!)

    Tonight: lasagna that my awesome husband made up yesterday while I cleaned up the supper dishes, cesar salad
    Tue: cedar planked salmon on the BBQ, potatoes, veg
    Thur: chicken breasts in the slow cooker with diced tomatoes and salsa, rice, veg
    Fri: “Thou Shell Eat Beans”… pasta with black beans, onions, green peppers, tomato sauce and cumin (and a few other spices)
    Sat: mini pizzas made on thin hamburger buns
    Sun: lemon-ginger chicken legs (frozen in the marinade), quinoa salad, veg

  4. Our menu for the next week, not in an certain order, but I’m sure there will be a leftover night along the way.

    1) Terriyaki Chicken on the grill, Rice, Zucchini/Yellow Squash in butter on grill and loaf of artisan bread.
    2) Hamburger gravy over egg noodles, salad and leftover artisan bread.
    3) Panini sandwiches with leftover ham, bacon and swiss or cheddar cheese on the grill with tomato soup and cooked squash.
    4) Mostaciolli with leftover cooked squash put in the pasta sauce, salad and homemade bread.
    5) Scalloped potatoes and leftover ham in crockpot and leftover bread.
    6) Stuffed pork chops, mashed potatoes and salad. (This might get pushed to next week with a leftover night added)
    7) Pizza, Bread and Salad from Kruse and Muer (I have a gift card).

    Love making menus. It helps tremendously with the food bill. Besides having the ham leftover from easter (which I put in the freezer for other meals), the whole menu above, plus breakfast items, oranges, apples, bananas, milk, butter, some stockup items and toilet paper, my grocery bill was under $60.

  5. Great idea for the potpie. My kids always request chicken potpie, but it is a ton of work–having the meat and gravy ready would make things doable!

  6. Chicken Pot Pie is on our list for the week as well…I use homemade cream of chicken soup for the filling {made ahead and in freezer} and cooked my chicken ahead of time too…does makes for an easy dinner!

    Here’s our meal plan for the week!

  7. Here’s my plan for the week. I’m keeping it pretty simple and natural.

  8. This is my kind of meal plan… especially breakfast for dinner…

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