Enjoy Some Afterschool Snacks

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Make some homemade snacks for an afternoon pick-me-up. So much better than the packaged variety!

spiced carrot bread

We try to round up our homeschool day by 3:30 each day. Hubs usually cruises in at about 4. Everyone is ready for a little snack. Whether your kids school at home or away, an afterschool snack is a great pick-me-up or hold over until dinner.

Try one of these on for size:

Grapefruit Sections

Lemon Blueberry Scones

Double Chocolate Toffee Cookies

Super Easy Veggie Tray

Cheddar Coins (aka Healthy Cheez-Its)

Apples and Maple Whipped Cream


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  1. Noreen says:

    Those all look delicious! Thank you for the great ideas! 🙂

  2. Love these ideas. We tend to graze all day, but having a planned snack would be fantastic. As an afternoon pick-me up, we really enjoy Smoothies or Peanut Butter Banana Shakes

  3. Making our afternoon snack instead of buying crackers or cookies has saved us a ton of money! Thanks for all the awesome ideas.

  4. Stacy says:

    Thanks for the ideas. I love making peanut butter & yogurt dip. I think you mix them up in a 1:2 ratio–like 1 tbsp. peanut butter to 2 tbsp flavored yogurt. I’ve done all sorts of ratios though and they were good too. Great with apples and such.

  5. P Reis says:

    These are seriously great ideas. I JUST realized how many veggies my girls will eat if they’re on a pretty tray served with ranch dressing, so I will definitely be utilizing the veggie platter, especially over the summer. Snacks have been a weak point for us (my girls like those cereal bars which are so.not.good for them) so thank you for these more healthful ideas!

    • P Reis says:

      P.S. You get huge bonus points for making a way more healthful than usual dessert topping with the maple whipped cream! Even if served with something other than apples it’s a win. Maple syrup = less processed than normal sugar. Yay!

      • Jessica says:

        @P Reis, Love it! Thanks for the props! You could use honey, too.

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